Zonals 16s Taken By Southern Team

August 10, 2010 12:36 PM
2010 Southern 12s Zonals
2010 Southern 12s Zonals
2010 Southern 12s Zonals
Two hundred – sixteen junior players represented USTA Southern at the recent Zonals held in Knoxville, Tenn. (12s), Cary, N.C. (14s) and Winston-Salem, N.C.'s Wake Forest University (16s) with great results. A Southern team won the 16s and as well as finalists in both the 12s and 14s.
At the 16s, Southern F, coached by Matt Hill, defeated Southern A in a match that was decided with a match tiebreak after being tied 9-9 after individual match play. Congratulations to Southern F which included players: Matthew Mendez, Zachary Bost, Matt Stachowiak, Parker Evertsen, Peter Bauer, Tapper Patrick, Brenna Keller, Karlee Bryde, Morgan Chumney, Erin Faulkner, Allison Kuse, and Sarah Gail Niebur. Also, congratulations go out to Morgna Chumney and Ben Horst, who received Sportsmanship Awards.
Cary Tennis Center hosted the 14 Zonals for the first time and was a great host. Southern C consisting of: Tommy Paul, Simon Jayaram, Jack O’Koniewski, Lorenzo Rollhauser, Charlton Boyd, Miller Stallings, Kaitlyn McCarthy, Emerald Able, Dominica Rollhauser, Victoria Roberts, Aliza Williams, and Supriya. This team was coached by Sanjay Jayaram. Sporstmanship winners in the event were Jack O’koniewski and Brooke Stevens.
The 12s took place in Knoxville and had the same final match up with a Southern team taking on Florida. Florida took the win in a hard fought battle. Southern C coached by Susannah Cook came in second and the team members were: Alex Phillips, Philippe Louture, Zummy Bauer, Philippe Nino, Klein Evans, Mark Carnes, Morgan Ingram, Amirah Muhammed, Allison McKamey, Adrienne Haynes, Micah Leslie, and Gabriela Gonzalez.