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Pepperdine University Gives Local Coaches a Quick Start into Tennis

July 26, 2010 01:42 PM
Left to right: Assistant Chris Harradine, Adam Steinberg, Nick Carless and USTA Recreational On-Court Trainer Tom Fey
In May, the USTA and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association announced that the ITA had agreed to a new rule change allowing USTA-approved 36’ and 60’ tennis lines to be permanently placed on ITA competition courts.  The rule change makes it possible for college facilities to be used for tournaments and training sessions utilizing the QuickStart play format, which is designed to bring kids 10-and-under into the game by using specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size.

Due in part to the ITA’s recognition of the usefulness of the new play format in developing young players, the USTA recently launched the Campus QuickStart program, which enables college coaches to utilize the format in their camps, clinics and other tennis outreach events that target children up to 10 years-old.

One coach who has done just that is Pepperdine University’s men’s tennis coach Adam Steinberg.  On Saturday, July 10, Steinberg and Pepperdine women’s tennis coach Gualberto Escudero, joined by assistant coaches Nick Carless, Chris Harradine and Scott Doerner, hosted a QuickStart Tennis Workshop at the Los Angeles-based school.  More than 20 area recreational coaches attended the workshop, which was led by USTA Recreational On-Court Trainer Tom Fey.

Steinberg was especially impressed with Fey’s passion to teach kids the game of tennis.
"Tom Fey did an outstanding job," said Steinberg, who was impressed by Fey’s passion to teach kids the game.  "His enthusiasm for Kids’ Tennis was really contagious, and he provided a wealth of knowledge about the new format for all who participated."

When asked about his feelings on allowing kids an easier time to learn the game of tennis, Steinberg replied, "I think QuickStart is the best program I have ever seen the USTA create since I began tennis in the early 70’s.  Using lower compression balls and the shorter court creates an environment that is perfect for young people to learn the sport in a fun and game-based way.  I cannot wait for us to begin rolling out local QuickStart programming at Pepperdine, so we can help grow the game that has given me everything in life."

For more information about Kids’ Tennis check out www.quickstarttennis.com.



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