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Local Sponsorships


Reaching out and asking for sponsorships can be scary. Don’t worry we are here to help! We want you, our local CTAs, NJTLs, facilities, volunteers, to be excited about telling local businesses about all the good things happening and how they can get involved. It’s that simple.

Now that you’ve made the decision that we want to approach sponsors, let’s ask (and answer) a few questions.

  • What programs or events does your organization host? (make a list)
  • How can a local business get involved with your event or program? (make a list)
  • What’s important to the potential sponsor? (hint: people to visit business)
  • How can your organization help potential sponsor?
  • What is it worth to each party?

In addition to great local programs, here are a few ideas that might be good for your community and attract sponsors:

  1. Host a Family Tennis Night – what’s better than getting families to try tennis together? Nothing. This type of event would be easy to promote through schools, churches, community orgs, local sports teams. Sponsors could sponsor overall event, set up on-site, provide giveaways, offer a post-event reward to visit business, etc.  
  2. Tennis Field Day – set up tennis related drills/activities in an obstacle course style. Local businesses could sponsor event to be included in advertising and offer participants something to visit store in the following weeks.
  3. Racquet & Run – Partner with local running company/group and host an event where attendees participate in both sports. Run a mile, participate in drills. Depending on the levels of each person you could divide groups into beginner drills or match-play.

Potential partners & networking (year-round)

  • Local Restaurants – offer player discount during season "kick-off" week, send e-card/promotion to players inviting them to store, offer discount for CTA, facilities, captains towards catering orders in timeframe or amount or partner on a promotion where all catering orders using promo code “Tennis” a % will go back to local CTA/NJTL.
  • Local Tennis Retailers (LTR) – could offer players or captains discounts for designated timeframe, preseason week is restring for $, one-week promotion where all purchases using promo code “Tennis” a % will go back to local CTA/NJTL (end promotion with check presentation if applicable)
  • Chamber of Commerce/Convention & Visitors Bureau - foster relationships with local business leaders, identify volunteers and potential committee members, they may know businesses that might want to be more involved in community and tennis; host staff development opportunities/social tennis leagues for local businesses
  • Young Professional Orgs - promote social leagues, identify volunteers
  • Colleges & Universities – this is a great resource to connect with one of the community’s biggest supporters. Offering internships for candidates to help in areas CTAs may need support – graphic design, video editing, website management, etc. this would be a huge boost when potential sponsors look on website or social media page(s).  

Resources to submit proposals to big brands

  1. Fundly.com – is a website that lists companies that accept donation proposals from non-profits. The cool thing is this site describes the company’s priorities and will help determine whether to reach out or not.
  2. Classy – in addition to being a fundraising platform, Classy provides content on how non-profits can raise money for local organizations.
  3. Fundraiser Help – Corporate Grants – this site provides companies and links to submit requests for donations for 501c3 organizations. This site is also a resource for fundraising ideas.

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