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USTA Southern produces an annual yearbook, a two-times-a-month email and an eight-page insert into Tennis magazine. The insert goes to all USTA Southern members plus subscribers in our nine states, usually sent in August.

2020 Yearbook Online

The annual 2020 Southern Tennis yearbook contains USTA Southern information, stories and photos covering the news and achievements made in 2019, along with a preview of our direction in 2020.
The full 107-page version (seen at right) is available to download. Our online version contains eight videos (the most we've ever presented) along with 12 stories, another first. This version contatins complete junior and adult rankings, and adult schedules. The complete junior schedule is available at TennisLink.USTA.com
A 28-page was mailed to USTA Southern's more than 200 committee members/volunteers, along with more than 770 member organizations (community tennis associations, NJTLs, clubs, parks and recreation departments, etc.)
We will still support members who want to receive a condensed, 28-page printed yearbook. Contact our office at 770-368-8200 or by email — and we will mail you a copy.
Got an opinion? Click to send feedback to USTA Southern.
Yearbook Archive
A complete archive of USTA Southern yearbooks from 1936 to 2008 is available for our members and the public at large. Also, included is the history of USTA Southern from 1886 (our founding) to 1976. The archive consists of pdf files. When you click here, you will see a page filled with links to each pdf. Click on appropriate link to start an automatic download. Some files are large, up to 50MB.
An archive of USTA Southern yearbooks starting in 2009 is available here. To see the archive, click on the three-line icon in the top-left corner and then click on Archive.
Tennis Magazine Inserts
USTA Southern supports its members with an annual insert into Tennis magazine. The eight-page publication focuses on news stories and information aimed at informing members in all nine Southern states. The publicaiton is usually printed in the US Open/September-October edition that hits the streets and mailboxes in mid-August.
Click to download the eight-page insert into the September/October issue of Tennis magazine.
The USTA southern app has been released. 

The app supports players in our six Adult League sectionals, along with our Junior Team Tennis and Tennis On Campus championships. Also, the app includes links to upcoming Southern adult championship tournaments. Special features include text messaging from staff and tournament directors, plus sharing of photos taken by players and staff. 

Most players will download the app from their mobile phones. Here are the links from a PC:  iPhone  Andriod/Google
Email Blasts
USTA Southern distributes an email to all members who have email addresses attached to their USTA membership. On or about the 1st and 20th of the month, the email is sent out and contains member benefits, news, announcements and other items of interest to Southern tennis players. In many of our nine states, the USTA state office prepares the email with information for state members on the 10th of the month. Click here to sign up for USTA Southern and other USTA (including the US Open) emails.

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