Welcome to Collegiate Tennis in the South! This section features news, highlights and player information taken directly from the coaches and players of our Southern collegiate tennis teams.

In addition, we are committed to assisting college coaches in their recruiting efforts and to assisting prospective student athletes in their search for a college or university offering academic or athletic aid. Therefore, this new area of the site will showcase a list Southern junior players now competing at the College level. You can access some of this information through the Prospective Student Athlete Information page.


Featured News

Start a Tennis On Campus Tennis Club: Earn $$

USTA Southern will pay $250-$500 for students, organizers and coaches who start a new Tennis On Campus club team. $100 to anyone who makes a referral that results in starting a new team. Read More

Pro Class is In @ Methodist U.

Unique Program Teaches Tennis Management at Methodist University Read More

How to Manage Your Time in College

Think you’re busy now? Wait till you’re a college athlete. According to a recent survey, Division I student-athletes spend up to 50 hours a week on their sport. (For perspective, NCAA rules only allow up to 20 hours per week.) What happens? There might be pressure from coaches, but also from yourself: to make every practice, to show your commitment, to be successful. Read More
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