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Sister Tennis Reunion: First Since 1962

December 6, 2013 04:34 PM

By Ron Cioffi/USTA Southern

From left: Sisters Peggy Andry, Ann Moore Heim and Licky Randolph. Below, Ann prepares for the next point.

Memories from 1962 might be a bit foggy for the senior set. Even among these three sisters, there was some doubt about the view across five decades.

According to Licky Moore Randolph, the last time her two sisters and her played a tournament together was way back in 1962 in New Orleans. They were but juniors, back in high school, playing at the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club and City Park.

Now, they’ve met up here in Columbus, playing for the first time since those bygone days in the Crescent City. Their last tennis tournament was a matter of discussion, sister style.

Licky is the captain of the Alabama Women’s 65s 4.0 team out of Birmingham. Her two sisters – Peggy Moore Andry and Ann Moore Heim – play on the Louisiana Women’s 55s 9.0 team.

In an interview Friday, Peggy thought the date might be 1961. But, who’s counting?

The roots of USTA League play run long and deep in this family. Licky earned three USTA League National Championships when playing in Delaware, proudly raising three fingers when asked how many.

“This is awesome,” said Peggy. “It’s a family reunion.”

“Well, we’re still kicking,” Ann observed. “(Tennis) is something you can do the rest of your life.”

Ann, along with Peggy, were schooled by the famed Tulane coach Emmett Paré, which Licky noted.

Both Peggy and Licky agreed that Ann was the trio’s best. “She’s the most competitive. She’s a perfectionist,” Peggy said.

And, like the supportive sisters they are, Peggy and Licky noted that Ann just earned a Bronze Ball, finishing third in this year’s USTA National Indoor Championships.




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