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Maides Plays 10 & Under Tennis Tournaments

Collins_win_at_Grand_Strand_Level_5_May_tournamentLess than a year ago, Collin Maides gave tennis a try by attending a local summer tennis camp.  Since then, Collin has taken advantage of local 10 & Under Circuit Tournaments being held throughout South Carolina.  The circuits are a series of one-day tournaments scheduled four to six weeks apart in each area, using modified scoring and equipment. 

"The one-day tournaments keep the players and parents interested and involved since the sit-around wait time is much shorter than other tournaments," Collin’s mom, Martha VanPutte said.

Four main regions in South Carolina will play host to approximately 40 10U Circuit Tournaments in 2013, including Spartanburg, Greenville, Myrtle Beach and Charleston.  The goal is to get more kids on the court and allow them to learn the sport and improve their games through rallying and match play.

"We’re retaining more kids because they are having more age-appropriate success," said USTA South Carolina Executive Director Graham Cox.

Collin enjoys participating in the local tournaments, saying, "I get to meet new people and when I play people who are better than me, I get better and better."

The benefits the kids have from the new equipment can not be over stated. Not only has their game technique improved but the opportunities for playing tennis have greatly increased. This also gives kids a chance to play in a series of local events, cutting down travel cost and allows for kids to go to their local club to play. Being able to play locally introduces players and parents to other tennis players and families.

"His focus and self-esteem have really improved as he’s become a better player," VanPutte stated, "He has a passion for tennis that he never had with any other sport."

USTA South Carolina has also introduced the Passport to the World of Tennis. The Passport is for 10U players participating in Jr. Team Tennis, Play Days/Festivals, and Junior Tournaments. When players get five entries in their Passport for playing in one of these USTA events, they qualify to win prize drawings held throughout the year and have an opportunity to win the grand prize trip to the Family Circle Cup in 2014.  Collin was the first player in South Carolina to complete his Passport to the World of Tennis.

Collin explains his favorite part about participating in Passport to the World of Tennis was, "Being the first player in the upstate to complete it and I got a cool whale flashlight from Mrs. Hesketh."

Collin_Maides_and_Christopher_ClevelandThe 10 & Under program offers kids a variety of opportunities in the game of tennis. This program was made for kids and will certainly give these young players the skills that they can maintain throughout their tennis careers. First and foremost, it gives kids a chance to play and enjoy tennis.  The new equipment includes decompressed balls, shorter and lighter racquets, and for matches to be played on smaller courts. The scoring of the game has also been changed to allow players to play more and shorter matches.

"Just having fun, enjoying yourself and spending time with other people," Collin explains his favorite part about playing tennis, "You also get to relax and it gives you a good workout."



For more information on 10 & Under Circuits visit:





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