11 Section Champions Crowned at 2013 Combo Doubles Southern Sectional Championships

March 3, 2014 07:11 PM

USTA Southern crowned 11 champions during the 2013 Combo Doubles Southern Sectional Championships Feb. 28-March 2 in Mobile, Ala. All teams were in the 18 & Over age bracket.

North Carolina led the section’s nine states with four champions. Charlotte, N.C. had two of those victorious teams and one of its teams finished as a finalist.

Louisiana had three champions and two finalists. The Mandeville/Covington, La. area had two teams in the Women’s 6.5 final. Memphis, Tenn. had one champion but fell to second place in three other levels.  

There were about 108 teams that played in five men’s and six women’s divisions. Matches were played at the Copeland-Cox Mobile Tennis Center, recognized as the world’s largest public tennis facility with 60 courts.

USTA Southern’s Combo Sectional Championships are split into two events. Next weekend the 40 & Over age division will play at four locations in Dothan and Ashford, Ala.

Both events are known as the largest tournament in the world by player count with about 1,900. Approximately 950 played in Dothan and another 950 in Mobile.

In Combo Doubles, the two teammates on court ­must have a combined National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) rating that does not exceed the level in which the team competes. More information can be found on the tournament’s website, www.southerncombo.com. This is the 2013 tournament because teams qualified in local play last year.

Champion and finalist teams were:




in final

Men’s 5.5
18 & Over   

Mobile, Ala. (B)

Captain: Bryan Cooper

Memphis, Tenn. (B)

Captain: Cameron Kitchin


Men’s 6.5   
18 & Over   

Shreveport, La.

Captain: Eric Zimmer

Memphis, Tenn.

Captain: Peter Schoenster


Men’s 7.5
18 & Over   

Muscle Shoals, Ala.

Captain: Kiefer Rea

Memphis, Tenn.

Captain: Peyton Hoshall


Men’s 8.5     
18 & Over

Cary, N.C.

Captain: Kevin Hutchens

Pawleys Island, S.C.

Captain: Tim McCoy

4-0 in
round robin

Men’s 9.5     
18 & Over

Charlotte, N.C.

Captain: Matt Wise

Carrollton (West Georgia), Ga.

Captain: John Crenshaw

4-1 in
round robin

Women’s 5.0
18 & Over   

Raleigh, N.C.

Captain: Karen Blackard

Ruston, La.

Captain: Beverly Hood


Women’s 5.5
18 & Over   

Slidell, La.

Captain: Alison Condon

Fayetteville, Ark.

Captain: Gracie Gentry


Women’s 6.5   
18 & Over   

Mandeville/Covington, La. (B)

Captain: Kelly Wollfarth

Mandeville/Covington, La. (A)

Captain: Paula Lowe


Women’s 7.5 
18 & Over   

Memphis, Tenn.

Captain: Dana Bray

Little Rock, Ark.

Captain: Teresa Williams


Women’s 8.5     
18 & Over

Jackson, Miss.

Captain: Sarah Spraberry

Charlotte, N.C.

Captain: Mackie Dowell


Women’s 9.5     
18 & Over

Charlotte, N.C.

Captain: Courtney Luce

Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Captain: Julie Child

3-1 in
round robin