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Volunteer to Grow Tennis


Applying for a USTA Southern Committee

Every two years, there is a call for USTA members to apply for USTA Southern committee positions. Applications open up during the summer of the even year. The next application period will begin about July 2022.


USTA Southern President and CEO Bonnie Vandegrift.

Volunteer to promote the growth of tennis!

Are you passionate about tennis? Are you interested in volunteering for USTA Southern on a committee? Volunteering for tennis is a rewarding opportunity shared by thousands of Americans each year to help grow the game of tennis. Regardless of your skill level, your age, or your background, there are many ways you can serve the sport.

USTA Southern was founded in 1886 and is focused on the development and promotion of tennis within the nine states comprising the USTA Southern Section – Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. It is the largest of 17 sectional associations that make up the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the national governing body of tennis in the United States.


Want to volunteer on a USTA Southern Committee?

The fundamental role of each USTA Southern committee is to advise the USTA Southern Board of Directors in promoting and developing the growth of tennis. These committees include volunteers (USTA members), who work with USTA Southern staff on USTA programs, initiatives and events and provide recommendations to the Board. The USTA Southern President & CEO appoints all committee chairs and members, who serve a two-year term.

Applications will run from July 15 to Sept. 22
Every two years, there is a call for USTA members to apply for USTA Southern committee positions. Applications for terms starting on Jan. 1, 2021, will be available from July 15 to Sept. 22. Click here to apply.

List of USTA Southern Divisions and Committees

Divisions with explanations of committee responsibilities and current members:
AdministrativeAdultCommunity TennisNet Generation and Marketing


USTA Southern Board of Directors

The management of USTA Southern is vested in its Board of Directors: the President, the Executive Vice President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Section Delegate to the USTA and three Directors at Large. All members of the Board of Directors must live within the geographical boundaries of USTA Southern and be active members of the USTA. 

The USTA Southern Nominating Committee is responsible for interviewing candidates and compiling the slate for the USTA Southern Board of Directors as well as the succeeding Nominating Committee. 

The USTA Southern Board selects new committee members during the fall of even-numbered years for two-year terms starting in January of the following odd-numbered year.


Volunteering at the USTA State Level

There are so many ways you can give back to the sport you love. Let us help you navigate the waters to find the perfect opportunity for you. Here are links to help you find volunteer opportunities in your state:



Volunteering at the Community Level

Do you want to spread your love of the game to others in your community? Here are links to help you support local tennis:

Community Tennis Associations (CTAs)

A USTA Community Tennis Association (CTA) is "any incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports or provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis." CTAs work to coordinate and maintain tennis programs and services, guaranteeing that they are open and accessible to all. Fueled by local volunteers, they exist to promote and develop the game of tennis in the community. More info

National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL)

The USTA/National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) network is a nation-wide group of more than 600 non-profit youth development organizations that provide free or low cost tennis, education and life skills programming to more than 250,000 children each year. More info

Junior Team Tennis

USTA Junior Team Tennis is designed for kids ages 5-18 and for players of all skill levels. Most coaches are volunteer parents or other adults who organize the team and, in some cases, serve as the on-court coach. More info


Volunteering Tools and Resources

USTA's infomation page for volunteers.

USTA’s Volunteer Coordinator info

USTA’s Learning Resource Center (LRC)



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