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USTA School Tennis


USTA School Tennis provides in-school and extracurricular programming for students in grades K-12. The primary goals of the program are a positive first-time experience, perceived competence, fun and fitness. Another important element is to help schools meet their health and wellness requirements. The program offers training, curriculum materials, access to major discounts on kid-friendly equipment and staff support.


Register your PE Class 

You can register your PE class with USTA.

Here is a how-to guide for registering a PE class.

Training for Physical Educators


Free three-hour teacher workshops designed to show physical educators how to conduct a quality tennis unit.

The workshop includes class management techniques, basic tennis skills, out-of-school opportunities, lesson games and information about connecting to a School Partner who conducts an after-school tennis program who is Safe Play approved.

The school tennis workshop often meets school district requirements for continuing education credits.


Printed and digital versions of the Schools curriculum that was designed in collaboration with SHAPE America.

The lesson plans and activities were created for teaching tennis without tennis courts and meets National standards and grade level outcomes for K-12 students.


Partner with a local coach or organization and receive free equipment including a roller bag, youth racquets (30), red-level balls (36), along with chalk and Net Generation barrier tape to create nets and draw courts. *Items subject to change


Videos of School Activities from the curriculum are available here.

Additional Resources

High school and Middle School Tennis Teams

School team tennis is an incredible opportunity for teenagers to compete in a great environment–on a team with friends. Whether you are an experienced coach or organizing a team for the first time, the USTA can provide helpful resources and coaching tips to help you lead and develop a successful squad. To get started, register your school team today and access your free copy of our School Team Tennis Manual, plus additional benefits.

Register your School Team 


You can register your school team with USTA.
Here is a how-to guide for registering a school team.

Free Resources

High School Coach Practice Tools

The USTA Southern High School Subcommittee has compiled the High School Coach Practice Template, a comprehensive, 19-page .pdf document designed to help coaches run great practices. The practice template lists a variety of drills, with in-depth explanations. A one-page diagram shows specific drills along with spots on the court for extra activities, ball hoppers, etc. Lastly, the document contains four pages of FAQs, dealing with a variety of on- and off-court situations.
Special thanks go to High School Subcommittee members Bernie McGuire and Debbie Southern for their time and dedication to this important document.

The Little Green Book of Tennis

Coach Tom Parham has shared his 130-page book entitled The Little Green Book of Tennis, which can be downloaded here. The book contains numerous tips and other material for tennis coaches. Parham was inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame in 2011

Contact Us

For more information about bringing USTA School Tennis to your school district, please contact the appropriate state coordinator listed below:

Alabama Keith Wilson 334-462-6051
Arkansas AJ Smith 479-283-7464
Georgia Amanda Boudreau 404-256-9543
Kentucky Maddie Notoris 502-491-1290
Louisiana Megan Legrand 225-769-0337
Mississippi Angie Deleon 601-981-4421
North Carolina Robert Hogewood 336-852-8577
South Carolina Pamela Banks 803-781-2574
Tennessee Marissa Kovach 615-953-1694
USTA Southern Jeff Smith 318-573-5037

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