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Community Tennis Associations


Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) provide the underlying support for all tennis programs in a community. Dedicated volunteers and professionals in CTAs raise funds, promote programs, and publicize local tennis activities to ensure that tennis maintains strong roots in the communities. Most importantly, CTAs ensure that every program is accessible to everyone. District offices establish the framework for not only starting tennis programs in the community but for sustaining and expanding them. Guidance, grants, and technical assistance is available.

The Community Award applications are now available online at www.usta.com/cta . More information is available on that web site.

Each registered CTA will receive an email in the coming weeks with notification of the award applications, however please spread the word that these applications are now available.

Register Your CTA With USTA

Organizational Memberships


Organizational Memberships
Be an active USTA CTA. To become a USTA Organization Member, click here to download an organization member application or call (800) 990-8782, Mon.-Sat. 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. or Sun. 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) and speak to a Member Services Representative.

Register your CTA With USTA
A USTA Community Tennis Association (CTA) is "any incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer-based tennis organization that supports or provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis."

In an effort to better understand the needs of community tennis associations nationwide, we have set-up an online registration system that allows each CTA to officially register and identifying themselves with the United States Tennis Association.

As the USTA moves forward, we will create a tiered USTA CTA benefits package for CTAs reaching milestones in their own association's development. Click here to register.

CTA Insurance Benefits
The USTA Master Liability and Accident Insurance Program for Community Tennis Associations. Qualified CTAs can benefit from professional, high quality Liability and Accident insurance. CTAs can now operate freely with Liability and Accident insurance coverage being provided under a Master-policy program and a dedicated service center to guide you through the process.

For information on Liability and Director and Officers’ Insurance click here.

CTA Start-up Grant
Funding is available to assist a CTA with obtaining incorporation, opening a bank account, beginning the process for tax exempt status and marketing money to promote the CTA. Click here for a grant application.

CTA Health Check
The CTA Health Check provides a self-evaluation tool to measure the overall health and success of your CTA. Completing this Health Check will help your CTA leadership design a plan to strengthen your organization and have a broader impact on your local community, which may create opportunities to increase local tennis participation for children and adults. In addition, as your CTA expands its reach and focus, it may be rewarded with greater opportunities to receive funding, grants and recognition. Click here to download the CTA Health Check document.


CTA Links






Keith Wilson


Alabama CTAs


Whitney Eversmann


Arkansas CTAs


Michael Graham


Georgia CTAs


Stacey Croley


Kentucky CTAs


Katilyn Simpson


Louisiana CTAs


Russell Dendy


Mississippi CTAs

North Carolina

Amy Franklin


North Carolina CTAs

South Carolina

Sheryl McAlister


South Carolina CTAs


Kim Wilson

ext. 201

Tennessee CTAs


USTA Southern - Andrew Feldman, 770-368-8200, feldman@sta.usta.com
National - David Slade, 914-696-7000, slade@usta.com

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