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David Hopkins' Path to the US Open

Slow start doesn't hinder first-round success

David Hopkins

I won my first match!!!

I am BEYOND excited to have one my first match as it has been over a year since I have played a competitive match so to win is just amazing. I won 7-5, 6-2 over Paul Webster and trust me I thought for a second there it would be my last match of the tournament. I wish you guys could have been there because I have NEVER been so nervous in my entire life.


David Hopikns found his focus, even though he was scratching his head early in the match. Photos: Ron Cioffi/USTA Southern


The first six games I could barely breathe or grip my racquet. I was feeling tight in my legs and my feet just seemed to not know up from down. I mean I had the nerves BAD lol. So of course I go down 3-5 and I am thinking to myself, David just relax and enjoy playing and after that I began to play a little better. Now we will not say that I played like I was at Wake Forest again because that DEFINITELY did not happen LOL. However, I was able to serve on a consistent level and really piece some points together and get the win.

I learned so much about myself today during this match. I mean in January I was 30 pounds heavier and could not even hit a tennis ball without feeling pain in my knee. So to play an entire match with no pain was exciting for me. It just shows me how far I have come and I still have a ways to go to really fulfill my goals. But what a way to start!!!

I am beyond happy and excited and really looking forward to playing my next match tomorrow against Caleb Woodson. What is even more exciting is that my ENTIRE USTA Southern& office family came out to support me which meant SO much and I appreciate them doing that for me. Having that support during such a big personal moment means a great deal to people trying to achieve big goals in their life and again I am so appreciative of everyone who came out to support me! Okay until tomorrow ladies & gents! Wish me luck in my 2nd round!!!

P.S. I hope you guys are watching WIMBLEDON!!!!! Azarenka and Venus won and they are my favorite players. Along with Tsonga! Let me know who you guys are rooting for!!!

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