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David Hopkins' Path to the US Open


David Hopkins

USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HOPE and PRAY that everyone saw the USA Men’s Soccer Team compete today! 2-2 draw with Portugal and trust me when I say I thought we were going to pull out the win. I think every American thought that though to be honest. I mean 30 seconds left and Ronaldo just comes out of nowhere with a great assist and last minute goal for Portugal?!?!? UGHHH the frustration and sadness I feel for our team. However, that is sports for you and it truly is how you bounce back that is the most important thing.

As we move on to tennis, I know that everyone is excited for Wimbledon to start tomorrow because I sure am!! Rooting for Venus and Azarenka to do well as I love watching both of them compete.

Speaking of competing, tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I play at 5:30 and I am getting more and more anxious and excited and nervous and yea everything else LOL. I mean jeez this is going to be my first competitive match in a year. Of course I hit today with a friend of mine who is staying with me and I am hitting the ball well but nothing compares to playing matches so we will see how I play tomorrow.

Can we talk about how hot it is down here in Atlanta! Not that it is surprising but the humidity and sun are never a fun combination. I hope it is cloudy tomorrow as I am not a fan of this 95 degree heat LOL. However, I am looking forward to competing in the tournament and even playing mixed doubles with Katherine Butler who is going to Virginia Tech next year. She is an awesome player and even better doubles player so I am hoping we can make a nice run her!

I feel like my old self again in terms of getting back into the competitive tennis routine of drinking water and Gatorade and getting my racquets strung. Gosh I miss this sport and miss competing. I am not sure how anyone falls out of love with tennis because it truly is soooo much fun. Well let me go to sleep because I need my rest as tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

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