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Samantha Armas' Southern Junior Cup Blog

Samantha's Friday Blog

Samantha Armas

At around 5:20 I cracked my eyes open and practically groaned.
Being my first time ever being at a team event (that actually meant something) I felt extremely nervous and curious as to how this all works. Rushing out of the hotel with barely any food in my stomach I found myself looking forward to the day no matter how awkward or strange it could be. Meeting my team to me was embarrassing and fun at the same time because of how we introduced ourselves and yet ten minutes later we forgot their names. The tennis on the other hand, was amazing...well at least for me.
I started out playing my favorite event (I guess you could call it that),mixed doubles. Even though its awkward at first playing with a guy you hardly know or hardly talk about strategy with I find it really fun when you get to beat up a guy or hit him with a ball. I then played doubles and had a bunch of fun dealing with the flattest balls ever and tree shots.
Though that fun ended and we moved on to singles I felt a lot more comfortable playing in this environment filled with cheering, a eency-weency tiny bit of cheating, and a lot of intensity and spirit. Throughout the entire day I would be smiling and laughing as I would hear a bunch of GO HOGS and a bunch of LET'S GO TEAM GEORGIA (We are so going to win :) ) as well as a bunch of other cheers to support each team member and though tomorrow supposedly is a very tough day I know I'll be relaxed and comfortable because I've got a team behind me.

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