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Carolina Blouin Playing for the U.S. Suzanne Lenglen Cup

Opening Ceremonies

Carolina Blouin

The U.S. Suzanne Lenglen Cup team: Mary Dailey, Patricia Zerdan, Carolina Blouin, Sophie Woorons-Johnston.
Sunday was a day full of activities.
We (Suzanne Lenglen Cup W35s team) were glad and relieved that Sophie arrived well and ready to go. The long trip did not seem to have much of an affect on her as she told us she slept a lot. What a blessing! It takes me a full dose of Ambien to sleep a few hours on the plane, but she practiced with us full of energy and enthusiasm!
After the official photos took place and before the ceremony, Sophie volunteered to wait in line to sign up for practice courts. Sophie, like me, married an American and became an American citizen many years ago after having had the green card and going through the vigorous "resident alien" process. In front of her was the French 35s team. Sophie listened to their conversation in French and said nothing until one of them recognized her from junior tennis back in France some 20 years ago. The French player was surprised to see Sophie and gave her a surprised look. Like a wolf in sheep's clothing: French girl, USA uniform. "Bad choice," she said in French. Sophie smiled and said, "We will see that on the courts!"
The Opening Ceremony enjoyed the participation of everyone and all the countries and teams involved. It was fairly well organized and it went fast. The Ali Bey performers wanted to impress their Eastern guests and did a few dances. I knew that would happen, and just like in New Zealand, I expected to see traditional outfits and hear traditional (Turkish music). Instead, to our surprise and dismay, the dancers came in on the central court barely dressed at all and danced Madonna's "Holiday" song.

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