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Carolina Blouin Playing for the U.S. Suzanne Lenglen Cup

A Day in the Turkish City Side

Carolina Blouin

Photos of the ruins and bazzar of Side, Turkey
Sophie told us this morning that she found out the girl she lost to yesterday, Segolene, has a victory over Australian Open and Wimbledon champion Amelie Mauresmo. Sophie was one game away from winning the match so she feels more consoled now...that just shows the level of the 35s competition here in Turkey!
Since we had the day off, I organized a field trip to an ancient city  10 miles away called Side. Side, which means pomegranate, is a spectacular historical place with ruins from 500 BC. Also Alexander the Great enjoyed gladiators' fights in the coliseum. It's believed St. Paul traveled through this place, which at one point was home to Jews and early Christians. Sophie and I climbed the top part of the 25,000-seat coliseum and from the top we could see the whole peninsula, from sea to mountain side, and it was the highlight of our day!
We got back at lunchtime and it started to rain, so all matches were delayed. We feel fortunate we had the day off to get out of the complex, recharge and refocus on tomorrow's match against Switzerland.
I am going to watch the Men's 45s semifinal right now then go do some laundry. Unless people want to pay $5 for each pair of cleaned socks, laundry is being done in the room by hand. I gave the girls a tip. If the piece is not dry by the time you need it, the hair dryer substitutes a drying machine quite nicely!
Last night we had a fantastic meal with even more food and drinks. The ladies were given a flower upon entering the restaurant by the sea and live music played for hours. The singers were nice and we heard all sorts of music, including Brazilian samba, BeeGees, Neil Diamond, etc., and by 10 pm, the restaurant became a nightclub!
People are coming in from all over the world today to play the individual World Cup tournament, which begins on Sunday. Team Cup players were given a nice free tournament vest, but now they are being sold for $30 each. Sophie has to go home on Sunday but Mary, Patricia and I will stay one more week to represent the USA again in singles, doubles, and/or mixed doubles. We may need to sign up for a Turkish bath and massage by the end of next week for sure!
Cheers and good day everyone.

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