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David Hopkins' Path to the US Open

David's goal: Play the US Open Southern Qualifying Tournament and advance to the USTA's national tournament. The winner gets a wild card into the US Open Qualifying Tournament!!

David's first goal is to win at Life Time Fitness @ Peachtree Corners, June 23-29. 


Mixing it up is just fine with me

David Hopkins

After rain delays and going from outdoors to indoors, we prevailed through our mixed doubles match. Katherine Butler and I did not play our best but we were able to win ugly, as Brad Gilbert likes to say. We pulled it out 6-3, 6-3 against two players (Attila Azucki/Epiphany Turner) who... Click to Read More

The dream hits roadblock in singles

David Hopkins

Well my US Open qualifier run came to an end tonight. I lost my match 6-3,6-1 to Maxx Lipman from University of Florida. He is a good player and obviously played a great match. I was a little disappointed with myself as I didn’t lose because I played poorly but simply because I was... Click to Read More

Second round much easier

David Hopkins

David Hopikns breezes through the second round. Photo: Ron Cioffi/USTA Southern I won AGAIN!!!! WOW!! I am beyond happy. I won my match against Caleb Woodson last night after some delays 6-2, 6-1. I played so much better and really... Click to Read More

Slow start doesn't hinder first-round success

David Hopkins

I won my first match!!! I am BEYOND excited to have one my first match as it has been over a year since I have played a competitive match so to win is just amazing. I won 7-5, 6-2 over Paul Webster and trust me I thought for a second there it would be my last match of the tournament. I wish... Click to Read More

Match day arrives!

David Hopkins

It’s MATCH DAY!!!!!!! I am nervous!! LOL. I figured I would be nervous on this day but as my co-worker told me, it’s a good thing and that means I will play well. So I hope I do!! I am going to work today then heading to the courts to warm-up! I have never been so nervous... Click to Read More


David Hopkins

USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE and PRAY that everyone saw the USA Men’s Soccer Team compete today! 2-2 draw with Portugal and trust me when I say I thought we were going to pull out the win. I think every American thought that though to be honest. I mean 30 seconds left and... Click to Read More

Getting into shape for next week's tournament

David Hopkins

Hello everyone!!!! Weekend before the big day! I am not as nervous as I thought I would. Of course, it is not the actual day of competition so maybe that’s why. Just to give you guys some history about me, I played tennis in USTA Southern since I was 10 and went to Wake Forest... Click to Read More

The journey begins ...

David Hopkins

I'm ready to go and play the US Open National Playoffs, starting with the Southern Section tournament! 

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