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David Hopkins' Path to the US Open

Getting into shape for next week's tournament

David Hopkins

Hello everyone!!!! Weekend before the big day! I am not as nervous as I thought I would.

Of course, it is not the actual day of competition so maybe that’s why.

Just to give you guys some history about me, I played tennis in USTA Southern since I was 10 and went to Wake Forest University and played on the Men’s Tennis team there. Since graduating in 2013, I have been working for the Southern Section as the 10 & Under Coordinator. Which might I add is as fun and awesome as it sounds!

I know some may be wondering why I am playing the tournament, but for those of us who were athletes and have transitioned from competing full time to know being in the work place, you tend to pick up some weight (as we all know). So in my quest to lose 40 pounds, I felt that playing a tournament would force me to lose the weight and really be an act of motivation.

Because for those who do not know me, I LOVE food and when I say I LOVE it, it is probably an understatement. Like chicken might be the best thing ever put on earth, well that and red velvet cake. Oh and my love for Chipotle is undying. I think my entire office knows that I would do ANYTHING for a Chicken Burrito from there. And I do mean ANYTHING!

So as we get off of my love for food and back on the subject of the US OPEN Sectional Qualifying, I do have to say that I am excited for this opportunity. Although I am not the player I was a year ago, I still can hit the ball over the net which is half the battle LOL. AND I can occasionally make some serves which helps as well. But what I think playing this will do is provide me with further motivation on my quest to get back into great shape and even play more tournaments.

Once I started working I did not play tennis up until a month ago (when I realized I would be playing this). Since then I have been practicing almost every day after work. And you know what’s true, is that you never really know how much you miss something until you start doing it again. As soon as I started hitting and practicing frequently. I fell in love with tennis all over again. I mean just wiping the sweat off my face was fun. So I am hoping when I play Monday I have even more fun.

 So let Monday roll on!!! 

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