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Brenda Carter Blogs From Seniors Tournament In Turkey

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011

Brenda Carter

Well, today the rains came back. We finally started play at 2 PM, but the rain and heavy winds came back around 4 PM. Betty Wachob had completerd her match with a victory. I am in the first set with a lead. We will continue at 9 AM tomorrow. At this point that's all I know.
All players were at the tennis center when the rains came around 8:30 AM and all had to stay because the thought is the rains will stop soon and it's hard to round everyone back up. It's really delightful to interact with people from all over the world and watch others enjoying that as well.
Even if a person doesn't understand the language, attempts are made to communicate. Our team enjoyed trying to learn some Turkish words from a Turkish nurse and she loved trying to practice her very limited English on us. Lots of good laughs. Everyone understands a smile and a high five! We didn't have much space, but we played a couple of fun games, including anyone who wanted to join in.
Next on the agenda is a trip back to the restaurant!!

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