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Brenda Carter Blogs From Seniors Tournament In Turkey

Saturday, Oct. 15, 2001

Brenda Carter

Again, what a difference a day makes, but for more reasons than the weather. Again, it was a perfect day for tennis, or anything one would want to do outdoors here -- spend the day at the beach (on the Mediterranean), parasailing or by the pool or playing golf. (No, there's no golf course on this property.)
We won our match against Germany, which was great fun for us. Betty lost at #2 to a fine player no one on our team has ever played. Luckily, I was able to win at #1, defeating a player I've played several times and it's always a toss up.
So again, it's down to the doubles. Betty and I played the doubles and we won in straight sets, so that put us on the medal stand!!!  Many feel that the top four teams in our Cup are very equal and on a given day any team might win against any one of the others. It was exciting. 
The ITF staged the awards ceremony for all of the Cups who finished today -- and that was seven of the ten. The USA won five of these Cups. Our team and the 80s women's team placed third, so we got bronze medals. Three Cups will play finals tomorrow and the USA is in two of those finals and playing for bronze in the other (all men's teams). It's been a wonderful week of tennis socializing with people from all over the world -- 27 countries.
USTA Southern people who are on teams are Hugh Thomson, Lester Sack. Burnett Herrick and me. All are on different Cup teams. Gold went to Hugh's, Lester's and Burnett's teams. I must say, the finale of the Britannia Cup (Hugh's team) was very exciting. The men had split their singles and the doubles was the deciding match against France. Hugh and Charlie Hoeveler, for California,  played the doubles. They won the match in the tie-breaker in the third! You can't get much closer than that! 
The ITF also conducts the World Individual Championships right here next week. Many of the Cup players stay and play this big tournament. My teammates chose not to stay, but I will be playing.
Thanks for your care and interest as the week has gone by.  Blessings to you.

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