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David Hopkins' Path to the US Open

David's goal: Play the US Open Southern Qualifying Tournament and advance to the USTA's national tournament. The winner gets a wild card into the US Open Qualifying Tournament!!

David's first goal is to win at Life Time Fitness @ Peachtree Corners, June 23-29. 


Mixing it up is just fine with me

David Hopkins

After rain delays and going from outdoors to indoors, we prevailed through our mixed doubles match. Katherine Butler and I did not play our best but we were able to win ugly, as Brad Gilbert likes to say. We pulled it out 6-3, 6-3 against two players (Attila Azucki/Epiphany Turner) who... Click to Read More

The dream hits roadblock in singles

David Hopkins

Well my US Open qualifier run came to an end tonight. I lost my match 6-3,6-1 to Maxx Lipman from University of Florida. He is a good player and obviously played a great match. I was a little disappointed with myself as I didn’t lose because I played poorly but simply because I was... Click to Read More

Second round much easier

David Hopkins

David Hopikns breezes through the second round. Photo: Ron Cioffi/USTA Southern I won AGAIN!!!! WOW!! I am beyond happy. I won my match against Caleb Woodson last night after some delays 6-2, 6-1. I played so much better and really... Click to Read More

Slow start doesn't hinder first-round success

David Hopkins

I won my first match!!! I am BEYOND excited to have one my first match as it has been over a year since I have played a competitive match so to win is just amazing. I won 7-5, 6-2 over Paul Webster and trust me I thought for a second there it would be my last match of the tournament. I wish... Click to Read More

Match day arrives!

David Hopkins

It’s MATCH DAY!!!!!!! I am nervous!! LOL. I figured I would be nervous on this day but as my co-worker told me, it’s a good thing and that means I will play well. So I hope I do!! I am going to work today then heading to the courts to warm-up! I have never been so nervous... Click to Read More


David Hopkins

USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE and PRAY that everyone saw the USA Men’s Soccer Team compete today! 2-2 draw with Portugal and trust me when I say I thought we were going to pull out the win. I think every American thought that though to be honest. I mean 30 seconds left and... Click to Read More

Getting into shape for next week's tournament

David Hopkins

Hello everyone!!!! Weekend before the big day! I am not as nervous as I thought I would. Of course, it is not the actual day of competition so maybe that’s why. Just to give you guys some history about me, I played tennis in USTA Southern since I was 10 and went to Wake Forest... Click to Read More

Bon Voyage, Paris

Kaitlyn McCarthy

The early rounds of the French Open are almost complete for the juniors. Stefan Kozlov, CiCi Bellis, Usue Arconada, and other Americans are still alive in the main draw. I hope the Americans continue their success. The training room is filled with juniors with sprained muscles from sliding on the... Click to Read More

On to the French Open!

Kaitlyn McCarthy

With qualifications completed, several Americans made it through to the main draw on the girls and boys side. This weekend was for registration, first round singles matches, and practicing on the clay inside Roland Garros. I had to wait until Sunday evening to get... Click to Read More

Chilly day dampens my play

Kaitlyn McCarthy

Today started early; it was overcast and a bit chilly. I played a long three set match with the three seed. The match was decided by a tiebreaker at the end of the third set. Unfortunately, I lost 7-4 in the tiebreaker. On a positive note, I did play very well and hope this helps get me ready... Click to Read More

First-round victory!

Kaitlyn McCarthy

Today marked the first day of matches in the tournament in Astrid Bowl. Some of the world's best juniors, both boys and girls, competed. Great tennis was abundant. The girl that I played first round was a local Belgium, ranked around 700 in the ITF... Click to Read More

First post after her flight

Kaitlyn McCarthy

My dad and I arrived in Belgium around noon today. We had to fly all night to do so; as you can imagine, there wasn't much sleeping despite the fact the flight was seven hours! The two of us got the hotel just after 3 PM and explored Charleroi for a little... Click to Read More

The journey begins ...

David Hopkins

I'm ready to go and play the US Open National Playoffs, starting with the Southern Section tournament! 

Bronze Medal Goes To USA

Carolina Blouin

After a long week, we were proud to get the Suzanne Lenglen Cup Bronze Medal today.

USA Wins Maureen Connolly Cup Over Great Britain

Diane and Jack Barker

  This is championship day on the grounds. Although some of the USA teams have been eliminated from the medal rounds there are a number of USA teams playing for medals... Click to Read More

A Day in the Turkish City Side

Carolina Blouin

Photos of the ruins and bazzar of Side, Turkey   Sophie told us this morning that she found out the girl she lost to yesterday, Segolene, has a victory over... Click to Read More

USA Beats Australia

Diane and Jack Barker

Under stormy skies the USA 55 ladies took the court against their strongest competition to date.   Susan Wright, at No. 2 singles, once again dominated her opponent with power and placement to win 6-1, 6-0.   I played No. 1 singles and took the court against Ros Balodis.... Click to Read More

Estonia Wins Only One Game In Three Matches

Carolina Blouin

The day started early for us again. I was up at 5:50 to prep myself to play singles. Patricia needed a day off so I was happy (and must confess a little nervous) to play the first match of the final day to qualify for the semifinals.   Estonia was seeded No. 6 in the tournament, so we... Click to Read More

Americans Defeat German Team

Diane and Jack Barker

German and U.S. teams Sunny skies with warm temperatures greet the USA and Germany 55 ladie.   Susan Wright playing No. 2 singles cruised 6-0, 6-0 She once again served big and had penetrating ground strokes,... Click to Read More

Weird Weather As USA Downs Argentina

Diane and Jack Barker

Big match in the 55 ladies USA bracket as yesterday winners are matched against each other.   USA versus Argentina Susan Wright played No. 2 singles taking the court in light rain The very wet court did nothing to stop... Click to Read More

Team Breezes Over Latvia

Carolina Blouin

U.S.'s doubles team. Photo by Carolyn Nichols The day started early for us today again. We met at the restaurant for breakfast at 7 a.m.   Sophie started the day with a typical French breakfast with croissants and hot... Click to Read More

First Day Victory Over Poland

Carolina Blouin

The day started at 7 for us meeting at the restaurant for breakfast. After a quick bite of scrambled eggs with ham, bread and orange juice, we ran to the bus stop in front of the hotel.   Our first match against Poland was taking place three hotels down the road and the shuttle was... Click to Read More

USA Downs Spain 3-0

Diane and Jack Barker

U.S. plays Spain in Maureen Connolly Cup competition. The 55 ladies draws were completed yesterday with 16 teams being broken into four brackets USA ladies are seeded number 1 overall and placed in a bracket with Argentina, Spain,... Click to Read More

Opening Ceremonies

Carolina Blouin

The U.S. Suzanne Lenglen Cup team: Mary Dailey, Patricia Zerdan, Carolina Blouin, Sophie Woorons-Johnston. Sunday was a day full of activities.   We (Suzanne Lenglen Cup W35s team) were glad and relieved that Sophie... Click to Read More

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Diane and Jack Barker

  The U.S. Maureen Connolly Cup Team: From left: Susan Wright, Diane Barker, Pat Purcell and Tina Kawalsky. All players were rested and practice courts were crowded. Was it the excitement of St. Patrick's Day or the start of... Click to Read More

On the plane

Diane and Jack Barker

Great trip. ...  Okay it was tiring as it took 24+ hours,    The hauling of four bags of which two were slightly overweight thus causing more in the carry-on and less in the suitcase.   The trip started in the "best tennis town" in America, Charleson,... Click to Read More

Last Day!

Samantha Armas

Last Day!   Of course guess who won in the end? Georgia, my team.   Knowing we all had doubles we felt hardly any pressure and yet at the same time we didn't feel like winning the minimum. We cruised on through losing some matches but shaking them off knowing full well we had... Click to Read More

Crazy Saturday!

Samantha Armas

Crazy. That's how Saturday was.   On and off the court (and at dinner) was absolute mayhem. From the minute we were sent on court it was intensity at its highest level. I admit North Carolina and South Carolina were good at singles but not good enough to take control of us :) ... Click to Read More

Taylor's Friday Blog

Taylor Davidson

Today was the first day of Southern Junior Cup! My team, Team North Carolina, played against Kentucky and Tennessee. The majority of our team members got about five hours of sleep after being out late at dinner the night before. We all agreed it was best that the coaches didn’t find out.... Click to Read More

Samantha's Friday Blog

Samantha Armas

At around 5:20 I cracked my eyes open and practically groaned.   Being my first time ever being at a team event (that actually meant something) I felt extremely nervous and curious as to how this all works. Rushing out of the hotel with barely any food in my stomach I found myself... Click to Read More

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