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Alabama School In Contest To Build Courts

August 16, 2010 11:20 AM
Clay-Chalkville Middle School in Clay, Ala. Is hoping to win a $250,000 grant to build the town's only tennis courts and to promote tennis teams at the school and the area's high school.
The Jefferson County school has entered the Pepsi Refresh Project, which is offering grants based on voting on their web site.
To vote for the school, click here. You can also vote by texting 101829 to Pepsi (73774).
Voting ends Tuesday, Aug. 31.
Here is text from the contest page for voting on Clay-Chalksville:
Clay-Chalkville is a large and diverse school, which is classified as low income. One thing that the school lacks is tennis facilities. The middle school, as well as the high school, has had a team for years; however the only facilities available for use are 25 minutes away.
  • To make courts available for middle & high school practices & matches
  • To have clinics teaching kids and adults how to play
  • To increase exercise and healthy decisions made in the community
  • To teach kids teamwork and sportsmanship
One thing our team prides itself on is that anyone that wants to play is welcome. Most of the tennis players are not athletes, but students looking to get involved in something at school. Every year players, as well as their families, find a love for the sport and begin to play on a regular basis. One problem that we run into is that many students who want to play tennis cannot get a ride to practice. Our current facilities are offered on a first come basis, so many times practice must be canceled. Building courts for our community will not only increase the number of students who can experience the game, but also will enable students to learn a recreational sport that they can play for the rest of their lives. I have seen how tennis has helped students stay focused and improve their self esteem. We want to build a tennis program in our community to foster the ideals taught by the game. We believe that courts would help to benefit the community.
How will the 250K be Used?
Budget Notes: Maintenance cost will not be covered by the grant, however we would be able to fund raise throughout the year to cover the cost.
$ 25,000 Bleachers, nets, windscreens, and roller water removers
$ 165,000 For hard surface tennis courts
$ 30,000 Lighting, benches, and fencing
$ 30,000 Pavilion



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