Staff Directory

The USTA Southern staff is on the job. Currently, our office is closed, with staff working from home. All staff members are accessible through email

If you wish to call staff members who have their phones listed as 770-368-8200, please call that number and then dial their extension (listed below). If you have any questions, please contact

John Callen
John Callen
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer
770-368-8200 x123
Paula Locke
Paula Locke
Corporate Executive Assistant & Strategist
770-368-8200 x122
Hal Regi
Hal Regi
Director, Information Technology
770-368-8200 x105
Annelie Daneel
Manager, Finance, Accounting & Compliance
770-368-8200 x120
Mikael Pettersson
Mikael Pettersson
Manager, Administrative Services &
Adult Tournament Rankings 
770-368-8200 x107
Chris Walling
Chris Walling
Director, Adult Tennis & Human Resources
770-368-8200 x103
Tom Burnham
Manager, Adult Tournaments & Social Play
770-368-8200 x108

Community Development

Andrew Feldman
Andrew Feldman
Director, Community Development
770-368-8200 x125


Diversity, NJTL & Grants

Cee Jai Jones
Cee Jai Jones
Director, Diversity, NJTL & Grants
770-368-8200 x116
Jean Marie Simon
Jean Marie Simon
Coordinator, NJTL & Foundation
770-368-8200 x121

Net Generation
Maria Cercone
Maria Cercone
Director, Junior Tennis & Player Development
770-368-8200 x119
Tart_James_cropped_011919_100x116 James Tart
Manager, TennisLink, Junior Team Tennis & Kids Team Tennis
770-368-8200 x117
Program Assistant
770-368-8200 x100


Sales & Marketing 

  Shelby Fitzpatrick
Director, Sales & Marketing
770-368-8200 x109
Ron Cioffi
Ron Cioffi
Director, Communications
770-368-8200 x112
Brooke Greene
Brooke Greene
Coordinator, Marketing
770-368-8200 x137


Tennis Service Representatives, Tennis On Campus & School Tennis
Bill Dopp
Bill Dopp
Director, Tennis Service Representatives
Georgia (south of I-85)
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Director, Tennis On Campus & Schools
Kevin Theos
Kevin Theos
Tennis Service Representative, Alabama
Chris Stuart
Chris Stuart
Tennis Service Representative, Arkansas
Tennis Service Representative, Georgia
(north of I-85)
Tim McCollum
Timothy McCollum
Tennis Service Representative, Kentucky

Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips
Tennis Service Representative, Louisiana
Emillia Vilojean
Emillia Viljoen
Tennis Service Representative, Mississippi
Kelly Hesketh
Kelly Hesketh
Tennis Service Representative, South Carolina
 Allan Jensen
Tennis Service Representative,
Hispanic Outreach & Net Generation
O: 770-368-8200 x131, C: