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2021-22 Marketing Division Committees


Awards Committee:

The USTA Southern Awards Committee is responsible for: 1) Developing and administering an awards selection procedure and ceremony that will honor individuals and organizations that significantly contribute to and serve the game of tennis in the Southern Section; 2) Collaborate with the Public Relations committee to identify ways to promote award winners in local communities through PR avenues; 3) Administer selection process of award winners in early October; 4) Help with set up of the awards ceremony which is held at the USTA Southern Annual Meeting; 5) Attend ceremony (held January 19, 2019) to support and congratulate award winners.

Laura Weygandt - Chair
Shannon Rowe - Vice Chair
Donna Gast - Board Liaison
Michael Chamberlain - ED Liaison
Brooke Greene - Staff Liaison 
Amy Browne
Karen Causey
Jimmie Coins
Gayl Hoel

Marketing Committee:

The USTA Southern Marketing Committee is responsible for developing plans to maximize the promotion of 1) Growth and awareness of tennis in the USTA Southern Section 2) Identifying engagement opportunities through traditional and non-traditional avenues for Section and State organizations 3) USTA Southern programs and improving the player experience 4) Increase sponsor and other revenue opportunities within the Association. The Committee will continually evaluate marketing opportunities to produce a positive impact on the growth of tennis in the Southern Section.

James McKissick - Chair
Roger Winstead - Vice Chair
Jim Warren - Board Liaison
Kelly Gaines - ED Liaison
Shelby Fitzpatrick - Staff Liaison 
Karen MacFarland
Mark Rogers
Patricai Todd

Public Relations Committee:

The USTA Southern Public Relations Committee is responsible for: 1) Coordination of all matters relating to public relations; 2) supporting USTA and USTA Southern initiatives to grow tennis; 3) Working with the States and CTAs in developing an awareness of tennis and USTA activities in the Section; 4) Assisting in enhancing web site presentations; 5) Serving as an advisory group to determine the most effective means of media usage.

Druid Michaels - Chair
Kyle Blackburn - Vice Chair
Ernie James - Board Liaison
Darren Potkey - ED Liaison
Ron Cioffi - Staff Liaison 
Beth Beam
Eleanora Mauritson
Brian Smith

Tennis Professionals Committee:

The USTA Southern Tennis Professional Relations Committee is responsible for maximizing the coordination and communication with certified Southern professionals to aid in their delivery of tennis and serve as a conduit through which special information concerning USTA programs may be communicated to the general Tennis Professional Community. This committee provides a medium for debate of new ideas and concepts which may advance the mission of USTA Southern and the sport of tennis including healthy discussion between PTR and USPTA members who reside in USTA Southern.

Neil Witherow - Chair
Meg Bandy - Vice Chair
Brett Schwartz - Board Liaison
Geoff Norton - ED Liaison
Bill Dopp - Staff Liaison
Scott Handback
Brenton James
Mario Runcon
Dan Santorum
Keith Swindoll


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