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2019-20 Net Generation Committees

Coaches Commission:

The USTA Southern Coaches Commission oversees Player Development activities within USTA Southern including the USTA Regional Training Center program, Early Development Camps (EDC), Section Camps and USTA High Performance coaches education. The Coaches Commission is the contact link with USTA Player Development/High Performance.    

Sam Kennedy - Chair
Chris Hoshour - Vice Chair
Maria Cercone - Staff Liaison
David Poole
Walker Sahag
Noel Wadawu
Shane Wells
Grady Wilson

Junior Team Tennis Committee:

The USTA Southern Junior Team Tennis Committee is responsible for: 1) Promotion and growth efforts of JTT and Team Challenges; 2) Review and approval of regulations; 3) Selection of championship sites; 4) Review and approval of grant applications; 5) Selection of the Organizer of the Year.

Mary Hatfield - Chair
Leslie Jackson - Vice Chair
Drew Meyers - Board Liaison
Jerrie Burns - ED Liaison
James Tart - Staff Liaison
David Bell
Domino Boulware
Aaron Browning
Bo Gard
Rainey Johns
Vanita Mattix
Maria Mood-Brown
Carla O’Connor

Junior Competition Committee:

The USTA Southern Junior Competition Committee is responsible for: 1) Studying all junior tournament activities and making recommendations on all policies and programs relating to junior tennis; 2) Developing uniform guidelines for the ranking of junior players; 3) Coordination of special events relating to junior tennis; 4) Organization of USTA Southern Junior Intersectional Teams and Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup Championships; 5) Managing the Junior waiver program; 6) Solicitation of sites for USTA and USTA Southern Junior Championships; 7) Coordinating and posting endorsement lists when required for USTA National events 8) Communicating collegiate varsity play opportunities to juniors.

Jonathan Barth - Chair
Debbie Southern - Vice Chair
Brett Schwartz - Board Liaison
Michael Chamberlain - ED Liaison
Maria Cercone - Staff Liaison 
Andy Brandi
Beth Bush
Derrick Davison
Rick Davison
Sean Ferreira
Robert Garrett
Theresa Hendrix
Gary Jones
Carlos Lozano
Robert Sasseville
Steve Zalinski

Schools/After School Committee:

The Schools/After School Committee is responsible for; 1) the promotion and development of strategies aimed at increasing tennis in Physical Education classes, Kids Tennis Clubs and other after school programs, including High School and Middle School tennis; 2) Partnering with the Community Development Committee.

Christy Herring - Chair
Rosanne Boswell - Vice Chair
Ted Reese - Board Liaison
Jennifer Gregg - ED Liaison
Jeff Smith - Staff Liaison
Phyllis Browning
Calvin Davis
David Dvorak
Michael Eden
James Ewers
Kim McMillon
Chad Oxendine
Leslie Thorn

NJTL Committee:

The USTA Southern NJTL Committee is responsible for serving as a resource to the network of NJTL chapters and programs by supporting efforts to provide a pathway aimed at growing the number of tennis, life skills and educational opportunities for underserved youth. Special emphasis is placed on the USTA Foundation NJTL Essay Contest, the ACE (Academic Creative Engagement) Curriculum and the Regional Leadership Camp.

Rudy Lewis - Chair
Eric Schmook - Vice Chair
Marcy Hirshberg - Board Liaison
Michael Chamberlain - ED Liaison
Cee Jai Jones - Staff Liaison 
Lance Hickman
Karen Holbrook
Birlette Jelks
Rex Maynard
Paul Pittman

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