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2021-22 Community Tennis Division Committees

Community Development Committee:

The USTA Southern Community Development Committee is responsible for: 1) the promotion and development of USTA Southern Community Tennis Associations and related services (education of local leaders, and networking); 2) Providing advice service and guidance to states and communities in relation to advocacy, facility development, grants, parks, and Tennis Ambassadors; 3) Partnering with the Schools Committee.

Amy Franklin - Chair
Mark Botsch - Vice Chair
Ted Reese - Board Liaison
Jennifer Gregg - ED Liaison
Andrew Feldman - Staff Liaison
Sara Barnett
Jay Boyd
Bettina Byrd-Giles
Jane Gamble
Holly Haney
Robin Jones
Karen Newman Morgan
Kami Tucker

Diversity & Inclusion Committee:

The USTA Southern Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee is responsible for: 1) Growing the game through support and engagement with State and CTA boards, committees, and their staffs with strategic D&I initiatives such as: Increasing representation of emerging market populations on boards, committees and staff to attract and retain USTA members and players from those populations; building effective, self-sustaining State and CTA D&I Committees; 2) Working with other Southern committees to develop program awareness, new initiatives and program continuity, which will substantially grow emerging market population participation in all USTA Southern programs and activities; 3) Special emphasis on Hispanic Engagement and the Millennial population.

James Ewers - Chair
Annette Butler -  Vice Chair
Donna Gast - Board Liaison

Diana Beauregard - ED Liaison
Cee Jai Jones - Staff Liaison
Jorge Andrew
Briana Artis
Kyle Burton
Calvin Davis
Danielle Davison
Manuel Gullen
Sam Jackson
Neal Robins 
Len Rothman
Kimberly Salama

Parks Task Force:

Jeff Joyce - Chair
Ted Reese- Board Liaison
Jason Miller - ED Liaison
Bill Dopp - Staff Liaison
Rainey Johns
Scott Laasko

Special Pops / Adaptive Committee:

The Special Pops / Adaptive Committee serves the mission to provide all populations including those with intellectual and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the game of tennis. The goal is to promote and develop recreational tennis opportunities for individuals through inclusion and support by providing programming, equipment, and teaching techniques.

Jim Hamm - Chair
Jack Barker - Vice Chair
Ernie James - Board Liaison
Geoff Norton - ED Liaison
Cee Jai Jones - Staff Liaison 
Marcy Hirshberg
Michael Hurley
Jessie Taliaferro
Lou Welch
Jessica Weyreuter

Tennis Officials Committee:

The USTA Southern Tennis Officials Committee is responsible for: 1) Solicitation of prospective umpires and referees; 2) Teaching, training and developing umpires and referees through online courses and in-person workshops; 3) Recommending qualified directors/referees that can give assistance to tournaments upon request; 4) Development of materials and information that might be helpful to tournament directors relating to tournament draws, scheduling and other related areas; 5) Making recommendations for awards to the USTA and USTA Southern.

Cheryl Helton - Chair
Donna Mille-Williams - Vice Chair
Ernie James
 - Board Liaison
Darren Potkey - ED Liaison
Ron Cioffi - Staff Liaison
Donna Bailey
Brenda Emery
Thomas Massey
Cleon McKnight
Wayne Tesh

Wheelchair Tennis Committee:

The Wheelchair Tennis Committee promotes wheelchair tennis by 1) supporting clinics, camps, instructional programs, tournaments, and collegiate wheelchair tennis; 2) promoting the Southern Section Wheelchair Tennis Excellence Award; and 3) assisting with coordinating the Southern Section Wheelchair Tournaments.

Jennifer Edmonson - Chair
Evan Enquist - Vice Chair
Jim Warren
 - Board Liaison
Diana Beauregard - ED Liaison
Cee Jai Jones - Staff Liaison
Ann Hortman
Rob Popelka
Robbie Sullivan
Taylor Wingate

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