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2017-18 Community Tennis Division Committees


Community Development Committee:

The USTA Southern Community Development Committee is responsible for: 1) the promotion and development of USTA Southern Community Tennis Associations and related services (education of local leaders and networking); 2) Providing advice, service and guidance to states and communities in relation to advocacy, facility development, grants, parks, special pops/adaptive tennis and wheelchair tennis.

Jeff Joyce - Chairman
Mark Botsch - Vice Chairman
Dennis Miller - BL
Diana Beauregard - ED
Robert Browning
Robin Jones
Karen MacFarland
Karen Newman Morgan
Bob Patterson
Shelby Rhyne
Jessica Richards
Claire Serrell
Romeo Stockett
Kami Tucker
Andrew Feldman - Staff

Advocacy Subc.

Robin Jones - Chair
Beth Beam
Neal Robinson
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Grants Subc.

Mary Hatfield - Chair
Naiema Frieson
Carla O’Connor
Andrew Feldman - Staff

Parks Subc.

Mary Henderson - Chair
Scott Laakso
Yvette Marshall
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Special Pops. Subc.

Jim Hamm - Chair
Jack Barker
Johnny Duckett
Michael Hurley
Robert Powell
Jessie Taliaferro
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Wheelchair Subc.

Jennifer Edmonson - Chair
Evan Enquist
Ann Hortman
Harlon Matthews
Judith Petty
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Diversity & Inclusion Committee:

The USTA Southern Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee is responsible for: 1) Growing the game through support and engagement with State and CTA boards, committees, and their staffs with strategic D&I initiatives such as: Increasing representation of emerging market populations on boards, committees and staff to attract and retain USTA members and players from those populations; building effective, self-sustaining State and CTA D&I Committees; 2) Serving as a developmental committee for Southern, State and CTA leadership for the successful implementation of D&I initiatives; 3) Working with other Southern committees to develop program awareness, new initiatives and program continuity, which will substantially grow emerging market population participation in all USTA Southern programs and activities.

Len Rothman - Chairman
Randy Jackson - BL
Carol Alan
James Baker
Jimmie Coins
Andre Ferreira
Deborah Foster-Smith
Birlette Jelks
Scott Kauffman
Meg Peavy
Kimberly Salama
Craig Wells
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Tennis Officials Committee:

The USTA Southern Tennis Officials Committee is responsible for: 1) Solicitation of prospective umpires and referees; 2) Teaching, training and developing umpires and referees through online courses and in-person workshops; 3) Recommending qualified directors/referees that can give assistance to tournaments upon request; 4) Development of materials and information that might be helpful to tournament directors relating to tournament draws, scheduling and other related areas; 5) making recommendations for awards to the USTA and USTA Southern.

Cheryl Helton - Chairman
Ernest James - Vice Chairman
Ted Reese - BL
Darren Potkey - ED
Donna Bailey
Cleon McKnight
Donna Mille-Williams
Scotty Moore
Bill Ozaki - Staff

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