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2017-18 Community Tennis Division Committees


Community Tennis Association Committee:

The USTA Southern Community Tennis Association Committee is responsible for the promotion and development of: 1) All USTA Community Tennis Associations and related services (education of local leaders, grant allocations and networking); 2) USTA community programs and liaison with States and CTAs governing them; 3) Providing advice and guidance to states and communities in relation to advocacy, facility development, military outreach and such other related areas as may be assigned.

Jeff Joyce - Chairman
Mark Botsch - Vice Chairman
Dennis Miller - BL
Diana Beauregard - ED
Robert Browning
Robin Jones
Karen MacFarland
Karen Newman Morgan
Bob Patterson
Shelby Rhyne
Jessica Richards
Claire Serrell
Romeo Stockett
Kami Tucker
Andrew Feldman - Staff

Advocacy Subc.

Robin Jones - Chair
Beth Beam
Neal Robinson
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Grants Subc.

Mary Hatfield - Chair
Naiema Frieson
Carla O’Connor
Andrew Feldman - Staff

Parks Subc.

Mary Henderson - Chair
Scott Laakso
Yvette Marshall
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Special Pops. Subc.

Jim Hamm - Chair
Jack Barker
Johnny Duckett
Michael Hurley
Robert Powell
Jessie Taliaferro
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Wheelchair Subc.

Jennifer Edmonson - Chair
Evan Enquist
Ann Hortman
Harlon Matthews
Judith Petty
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Diversity Committee:

The USTA Southern Diversity Committee is responsible for: 1) Developing program awareness, new initiatives and program continuity which will substantially grow minority participation and inclusion in all USTA Southern programs and activities; 2) Developing procedures to assess the effectiveness of all USTA Southern committee successes in promoting diversity and recruiting minority participants.

Len Rothman - Chairman
Esther Silver-Parker - Vice Chairman
Randy Jackson - BL
Carol Alan
James Baker
Jimmie Coins
Andre Ferreira
Deborah Foster-Smith
Birlette Jelks
Scott Kauffman
Meg Peavy
Kimberly Salama
Craig Wells
Cee Jai Jones - Staff

Tennis Officials Committee:

The USTA Southern Tennis Officials Committee is responsible for: 1) Solicitation of prospective umpires and referees; 2) Teaching, training and developing umpires and referees through umpire clinics and tournament workshops; 3) Testing and certification of tennis officials; 4) Recommending qualified umpires to USTA Umpire Committee for the US Open; 5) Recommending qualified directors/referees that can give assistance to tournaments upon request; 6) Development of materials and information that might be helpful to tournament directors relating to tournament draws, scheduling and other related areas.

Cheryl Helton - Chairman
Ernest James - Vice Chairman
Ted Reese - BL
Darren Potkey - ED
Donna Bailey
Cleon McKnight
Donna Mille-Williams
Scotty Moore
Bill Ozaki - Staff

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