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2017-18 Adult Division Committees


Adult League Committee:

The USTA Southern Adult League Committee is responsible for: 1) Supporting and promoting the overall growth of new and existing Adult League programs; 2) Researching avenues to reach new players through beginner programs, including Tennis Apprentice, adult recreational opportunities and general marketing support; 3) Securing hosts and making recommendations on hosting USTA League Southern Sectional Championships; 4) Reviewing current and proposed regulations to uphold integrity and quality of league program.

Helen Martin - Chairman
Cookie Guarini - Vice Chairman
John Herring - BL
Deanna Garretson - ED
Leony Barroso
Emily Becker
Anna Martin
Ashley Massengale
Chaney Mills
Whit Rayner
Nan Smith
Cheryl Thompson
Jenifer Tucker
Jim Warren
Chris Walling - Staff

Growth & Innovation Subc.

Nan Smith - Chair
Chris Bryce
Dennis Butler
Dave Dvorak
Charlotte Forrest
Chris Walling - Staff

Regulations Subc.

Cheryl Thompson - Chair
Anna Martin
Marty Engle
Venecca Green
Bob Peiffer
Pamela Smead
Jenifer Tucker
Chris Walling - Staff

Sectional Championship Subc.

Cookie Guarini - Chair
Leony Barroso 
Carla Catalano
Kenny Martin
Chaney Mills 
Elizabeth Walker
Marita Edrosa - Staff

Adult Tournament Committee:

The USTA Southern Adult Tournament Committee is responsible for: 1) Supporting the promotion and growth of adult and senior age-level and NTRP tournament participation throughout the section including the use of traditional and innovative formats; 2) Studying all adult tournament activities and making recommendations on all policies relating to adult competitive tournament tennis; 3) Reviewing point allocation for Southern level tournaments and developing uniform guidelines for ranking adult players; 4) Soliciting  sites for USTA and USTA Southern Adult Championships, including Senior Cup and recommending to the Board of Directors tournament sanctions and schedules; 5) Assigning captains annually to coordinate Intersectional team play and logistics; 6) Determining enhancements for Southern Championships; 7) Creating avenues to recognize accomplished adult tournament players in the South.

Mike Vandegrift - Chairman
Kim McMillon - Vice Chairman
Drew Meyers - BL
Jerrie Burns - ED
Al Cannon
Bobbie Childress
Jeff Gray
Manny Guillen
Steve Hunter
Shelley Knight
Dart Meadows
Shaun Wiseman
Chris Walling - Staff

Adult S&S Subc.

Roy Barth - Chair
Bobbie Childress 
Steve Hunter 
Kim McMillon
Mike Palmer - Staff

Men’s Intersectional Subc.

Steve Duffel - Chair
Dart Meadows
Mike Palmer - Staff 

Senior Cup Subc.

Jeff Gray - Chair
Barbara Johnson
Marita Edrosa - Staff 

Women’s Intersectional Subc.

Brenda Carter - Chair
Mike Palmer - Staff- Staff

Collegiate Team (Tennis on Campus) Committee:

The USTA Southern Collegiate Committee is responsible for: 1) Overseeing Campus Recreation Programs, including Intramurals, Tennis Clubs; 2) Finding innovative marketing strategies to promote the Tennis on Campus program to players at colleges and universities; 3) Aligning college players with community efforts to encourage all ages to play tennis; 4) Scheduling and organizing the Tennis on Campus Southern Championship; 5) Helping to provide a pathway for high school players to stay in the game from juniors to adults; 6) Work to strengthen the relationship between the USTA Southern Tennis on Campus Committee and Campus Recreation professionals at colleges and universities.

Dave Neuhart - Chairman
George Schwing - Vice Chairman
Drew Meyers - BL
Kelly Gaines - ED
Melissa Addington
Christian Lyerly
Bill Oakes
Eduardo Rincon
Brooke Turner
Lairalaine White
Jeff Smith - Staff

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