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2017-18 Adult Division Committees


Adult League Committee:

The USTA Southern Adult League Committee is responsible for 1) Supporting the overall growth of Adult League participation, 2) Finding avenues to reach new players through beginner programs, adult recreational opportunities and general marketing support; and 3) Administering and promoting existing Adult League programs throughout the Section.

Helen Martin - Chairman
Cookie Guarini - Vice Chairman
John Herring - BL
Deanna Garretson - ED
Leony Barroso
Emily Becker
Anna Martin
Ashley Massengale
Chaney Mills
Whit Rayner
Nan Smith
Cheryl Thompson
Jenifer Tucker
Jim Warren
Chris Walling - Staff

Growth & Innovation Subc.

Nan Smith - Chair
Chris Bryce
Dennis Butler
Dave Dvorak
Charlotte Forrest
Chris Walling - Staff

Regulations Subc.

Cheryl Thompson - Chair
Anna Martin
Marty Engle
Venecca Green
Bob Peiffer
Pamela Smead
Jenifer Tucker
Chris Walling - Staff

Sectional Championship Subc.

Cookie Guarini - Chair
Leony Barroso 
Carla Catalano
Kenny Martin
Chaney Mills 
Elizabeth Walker
Marita Edrosa - Staff

Adult Tournament Committee:

The USTA Southern Adult Competition Committee is responsible for: 1) Supporting the promotion and growth of adult and senior age-level and NTRP tournament participation and matches throughout the section through traditional and non-traditional avenues; 2) Studying all adult tournament activities and making recommendations on all policies relating to adult competitive tournament tennis; 3) Developing of uniform guidelines for ranking adult players; 4) Soliciting of sites for USTA and USTA Southern Adult Championships and recommending to the Board of Directors tournament sanctions and schedules; 5) Managing the coordination and promotion of all matters pertaining to senior competitive tennis; 6) Coordination of the Southern Senior Cup Team Championships; 7) Coordinating of Intersectional play; and 8) Determining enhancements for Southern Championships.

Mike Vandegrift - Chairman
Kim McMillon - Vice Chairman
Drew Meyers - BL
Jerrie Burns - ED
Al Cannon
Bobbie Childress
Jeff Gray
Manny Guillen
Steve Hunter
Shelley Knight
Dart Meadows
Shaun Wiseman
Chris Walling - Staff

Adult S&S Subc.

Roy Barth - Chair
Bobbie Childress 
Steve Hunter 
Kim McMillon
Mike Palmer - Staff

Men’s Intersectional Subc.

Steve Duffel - Chair
Dart Meadows
Mike Palmer - Staff 

Senior Cup Subc.

Jeff Gray - Chair
Barbara Johnson
Marita Edrosa - Staff 

Women’s Intersectional Subc.

Brenda Carter - Chair
Mike Palmer - Staff- Staff

Collegiate Team Committee:

The USTA Southern Collegiate Team Committee is responsible for 1) Overseeing the Campus Recreation Programs, including Intramurals, Sports Club Teams and Recreation department Programs  2) Finding innovative marketing strategies to promote Campus Recreation Programs to college players; and 3) Scheduling and organizing Section Level Championships for the Tennis-on-Campus Program.

Dave Neuhart - Chairman
George Schwing - Vice Chairman
Drew Meyers - BL
Kelly Gaines - ED
Melissa Addington
Christian Lyerly
Bill Oakes
Eduardo Rincon
Brooke Turner
Lairalaine White
Jeff Smith - Staff

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