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2017-18 Administrative Division Committees



Constitution & Rules Committee:

The USTA Southern Constitution and Rules Committee is responsible for: 1) Safekeeping of the original Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules, and all amendments, changes and deletions thereof; 2) Obtaining and maintaining the Constitution, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of each State Association, the Southern Tennis Foundation and all state foundations; 3) Reviewing the form of proposed new provisions or amendments to the USTA Southern Constitution and Bylaws and Regulations to reduce ambiguity, promote clarity and keep all provisions of the same in conformity with each other, and insure proper conformity with the USTA Constitution and Bylaws; 4) Providing advice to the Board of Directors on matters concerning the Committee's areas of responsibility.

Jim Warren - Chairman
Helen Smith - Vice Chairman
John Cox - BL
Chris Shaw
Paula Locke - Staff

Finance & Budget Review Committee:

The USTA Southern Finance & Budget Review Committee is responsible for preparing the annual proposed budgets for the Board of Directors.

Dennis Miller - Chairman
Bonnie Vandegrift - BL
Darren Potkey - ED
Donna Gast
Hunter Hines
Bill McGugin
James McKissick
John Callen - Staff

Grievance Committee:

The USTA Southern Grievance Committee is responsible for duties set forth in the USTA Southern Bylaws and Grievance Procedures, including enforcement of the Standards of Conduct and the USTA Southern Rules and Regulations, and investigation of all program related complaints. All grievance actions arising out of USTA or USTA Southern Adult League Programs and Jr. Team Tennis will be administered according to appropriate League Regulations.

Bruce Kingsdorf - Chairman
John Cox - BL
Jeffrey Farris
Rebel Good
Jewel Peterson
Bill Ozaki - Staff

Investment Committee:

The USTA Southern Investments Committee is responsible for overseeing the investments of the Association and for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on related financial matters.

Dennis Covington - Chairman
David Honeycutt - Vice Chairman
Dennis Miller - BL
Terry Bunnell
Dom Masciantonio
Huey Townsend
John Callen - Staff


Audit Committee:

The USTA Southern Audit Committee is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors in its oversight of financial statements of the Association. It oversees the engagement of the independent auditors to assure association compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The committee recommends policy standards for, and is involved in, risk assessment and risk management.

Dennis Miller - Chairman
Bonnie Vandegrift
Derek White

Human Resources Committee:

The USTA Southern Human Resources Committee is responsible for oversight of personnel and compensation matters of the Association and recommends actions to the Board of Directors for approval and implementation.

Bonnie Vandegrift - Chairman
Randy Jackson
Drew Meyers
Dennis Miller
Derek White

Nominating Committee:

The USTA Southern Nominating Committee is elected biannually to nominate future officers of the Association. Composition and responsibilities are specified in the USTA Southern Bylaws.

Paula Hale - Chairman
Jane Gamble
Helen Martin
Paul Pittman
James Warren

State Presidents Group:

The State Presidents Group provides a forum for State Association Presidents to discuss issues of common interest and develop recommendations for the USTA Southern Board of Directors to enhance the overall operations of the Section and State Associations.

Dave Neuhart, GA - Chairman
Dinah Howard, AL
Jenifer Tucker, AR
Rainey Johns, KY
Robert Daigle, LA
Karen Newman Morgan, MS
Donna Gast, NC
Ernie James, SC
Elizabeth Walker, TN

Legal Advisor:

The USTA Southern Legal Counsel advises the Association on all legal matters.

Cheri Grosvenor

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