USTA Southern Section League Tennis Officials Code of Ethics - As of 2/18/04

USTA Southern Section
League Tennis Officials
Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics has been approved by the USTA Southern Section Adult League Committee and is intended to be adhered to by local, state and sectional league coordinators, volunteers and staff members, and committee members involved in any aspect of league tennis.

In my position as a USTA Southern Section League Official, I will exemplify good sportsmanship when participating in all USTA affiliated programs.

I will accept and support decisions made by league officials in authority above me.

I will publicly support USTA policies and regulations and any recommended changes will be submitted through proper channels for consideration.

I will consult league officials in authority above me if there are questions as to whether my decisions potentially conflict with any local, state, section or national policies, procedures or regulations.

If I serve as a league participant or team captain, I will take appropriate measures to insure that other players or captains will perceive no possible conflict of interest.

If I am scheduling a division I participate in as a player or captain, I will have another individual who is not a player or captain in this division verify the impartiality of any aspect which is done by draw such as choosing which teams are in which flights, home & away schedules, etc.

If I receive a grievance against the administration, I will forward the complaint to the State and/or Sectional League Coordinators.

If I am responsible for assigning any person to be involved in the administration of any grievance action, I will replace any person should a conflict of interest exist.
I will recuse myself from deciding any league issue if I have or could develop a conflict of interest, real or apparent.  Without limitation, a conflict of interest exists if I, any member of my family, or any member of my team is personally involved in the league issue.

As of 2/18/04