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2009 USTA Southern Regulations for USTA League Tennis


All USTA League Tennis Regulations in 1.00 GENERAL, 2.00 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES and 6.00 SUPER SENIOR LEAGUE REGULATIONS shall apply to the Super Senior Division with the modifications allowed to the USTA Southern Section listed below:


Players who play in a local league prior to January 1, 2009 and whose published rating at the time of registration was in level may advance to championship play with that team at that level unless their NTRP rating reaches the disqualification mark for that level.

If a player’s rating is lowered during the Super Senior league season, the player must continue to use the rating submitted on the roster for that season.

6.01B Team. State Associations may limit the number of players that appear on a team roster and/or the number of players on that roster that are at a specific NTRP level.


The Sectional Championships levels of play for 2009 are Super Senior 60 with 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 levels and Super Senior 70 with 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 levels. States may add additional levels in the local leagues at their discretion.

6.01G SCORING and REST. State Associations in the Southern Section have the authority to determine the method of scoring for local league competition.


6.01H(2) Team Match and Scoring. States may decide how to handle team defaults at the local level.

6.01H(4) Team Lineups. An individual match is started when the first ball is put in play. After the start of an individual match, if injury to, illness of, or disqualification of a player occurs, the opponents will be awarded a default for that individual match only. The default principles in 3.03L, shall be applicable, with the Sectional modifications that:

a. In the event of illness, injury, disqualification, or no-show of a player prior to the start of an individual match (once the lineup has been exchanged), a team may substitute a player in the affected position within the 15-minute default time, using a player not already listed on the lineup. If no such substitution can be made, the affected position only will be defaulted in local leagues.

b. In the event that a team match must be re-scheduled and starting times are staggered, where

opponents are not available and ready to play, defaults will be awarded in the affected position only.

c. States will decide how to regulate rescheduling of team matches due to rain or inclement weather or pass that authority to their local leagues.

d. Two players will play together in the higher position when both of their partners do not show in order to avoid two defaults.

6.01H(5) Player Participation

6.01H(5)b The State may authorize participation in more than one NTRP level within this division in the

same local league during the same season.

6.01H(5)c The State may authorize participation on more than one team within this division in the same season provided it is in a separate local league. The State has the authority to accept or deny participation.

6.01H(5)d Players must play in at least one local or state championships match in order to advance to the Southern Super Senior Sectional Championships. If there is no local or state competition offered, a team may advance directly to the Southern Super Senior Sectional Championships. Players who participate in Super Senior 60 and Super Senior 70 divisions will not be accommodated in scheduling of event. The one match requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Tournament Committee for players advancing to the Sectional Championships. The deadline for players to register on teams that are advancing directly to the 2009 Sectional Championships is 12/31/09. This deadline may be waived at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. Players may advance to more than one State’s Championships provided they have qualified to advance in each state. If eligible players do not participate at the State Championships, they may participate in the Sectional Championships and/or National Invitational. A state has the authority to regulate advancement on more than one Super Senior team to the State Championships.



The format to progress from local league competition to Sectional League Championships is as follows:

The State shall determine the progression from local league to State Championship. The States shall identify to the Section their winning teams at each level. The State Association shall hold a State League Championship to be held on or before the 30th day of November, 2008 to determine its State Champions. Any State who cannot comply with this date must seek the permission of the Sectional League Coordinator and Adult Leagues Committee.


Sectional Championships format shall be round robin in all levels of competition. A full draw is comprised of two flights with five teams each: the nine state champion teams and a wildcard team. Each team shall play every other team in its flight and the team with the most team points shall be champion in its flight. Levels with two flight winners will offer a single elimination finals match to determine the champion. If a state has two teams in the same level, the referee will place those teams in separate flights provided there are two flights in that level.

The Section may issue wildcards as necessary to fill the draw. If less than four teams are entered in a NTRP level draw within 21 days of event, the draw for the NTRP level will be cancelled unless otherwise authorized by the Tournament Committee.


DATE AND LOCATION. The 2009 USTA League Southern Section Super Senior Championships will be held March 12-14, 2010 in Pelham, AL.

6.03A Eligibility.

6.03A(3) A minimum of 6 team members who were on the final roster of their local league team at the conclusion of local league play must be available and eligible to compete at the State and Sectional Championships. The Tournament Committee can reduce that number to not less than four.

6.03A(4) Teams that compete at State, Sectional or National Championships are not required to disperse to form a new team for the following league year.

6.03C Scoring and Rest. At the Southern Sectional Championships, all matches shall be the best of two sets and the Set tiebreak shall be used at 6-all in each set. In lieu of a third set, a Match tiebreak shall be played. There will be a two-minute set break at the end of each set with no coaching. The tiebreak procedure shall be scored as 1 set and 1 game. See 6.03O USTA Regulations for scoring in the event of retirements. State Associations in the Southern Section have the authority to determine the method of scoring for State Championships.

2009 and 2010 USTA Southern Section Adult League Committees

Adult League Committee
Bonnie Vandegrift, Chairman
Donna Bailey, Vice Chairman
Ron Charron
Jerry Groce
Cookie Guarini
Dodie Hanchett
Kathy Hinrichs
Helen Martin
Bee Stewart
Sharon Rahman - ED
Bud Spencer - OL

Flex Subcommittee
Kathy Hinrichs
Helen Martin
Leslie Sheilds

Sectional Championships Subcommittee
Dodie Hanchett, Chairman
Judith Anderson
Jeff Burns
William Bussey
Terri Wiley

NTRP Oversight Subcommittee
Phil Meador, Chairman
Debbie Swindoll
Ernie Harris

Southern Grievance Committees & Grievance Appeal Committees are formed as necessary first utilizing members of the Adult League Committee and Subcommittees and then other committee members selected by the Adult League Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman.


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