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The Use of the NTRP System

The Use of the NTRP System

1. Players in the USTA League Tennis Program must rate themselves in accordance with the NTRP. When players are self-rating themselves, if they question at which level they should play, they should place themselves in the higher level of play.

2. The NTRP is based on a player’s on-court performance in both NTRP tournaments and league play.

3. The NTRP Computer Rating System determines NTRP ratings for players throughout the country who participate in the Adult and Senior League Divisions. It is a mathematical system that assigns computer ratings to players by direct or indirect comparison to benchmark players. (See Regulation 3.06A and 3.06B.)

4. Players in the USTA Mixed Doubles League Division will  receive computer ratings based on their participation in that division if they play only Mixed Doubles during a league year.  After they receive a rating for their participation in Mixed Doubles, that rating will be in effect if they choose to enter the Adult and/or Senior league programs.

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