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The Training Committee put the following list of books, manuals, videos and papers together with great assistance from the USTA Southern Section State Executive Directors. This library of resource material is by no means complete and will be updated continuously. For this to be accomplished, we ask for your assistance in suggesting training materials for us to add. If your idea has anything to do with training, we are interested. Please email Mary Hatfield with any suggestions.

You are encouraged to check out the books from this list if you are a Section or State volunteer. To do so, please contact Sandy at the above email address or call the USTA Southern Section office at 770-368-8200. The materials will then be forwarded to you and you may keep them for one month. At that time, please return them to the USTA Southern Section office to Sandy's attention. Thank you and please enjoy!

August 2004

Harvard Business Review Training Books:

  • HBR on Breakthrough Thinking
  • HBR on Change
  • HBR on Compensation
  • HBR on Crisis Management
  • HBR on Customer Relationship Management
  • HBR on Decision Making
  • HBR on Effective Communication
  • HBR on Finding and Keeping the Best People
  • HBR on Innovation
  • HBR on Leadership
  • HBR on Managing People
  • HBR on Managing Uncertainty
  • HBR on Measuring Corporate Performance
  • HBR on Nonprofits
  • HBR on Organizational Learning
  • HBR on Strategies for Growth
  • HBR Work and Life Balance
  • HBR on What makes a Leader

American Society of Association Executives Training Books:

  • Achieving Goals (Making Your Mark as a Board Member)
  • Beyond Membership Marketing - (Developing an Innovative Plan That Guarantees Results)
  • Evaluation and the Nonprofit Board
  • Fund Raising & The Nonprofit Board
  • How to Build an Effective Board
  • Human Resource Management in Associations
  • Leader to Leader
  • Learning From The Best
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
  • Professional Practices in Association Management
  • Publications Catalogue
  • Successful Association Leadership - (Dimensions of 21st-Century Competency for the CEO)

Miscellaneous Books and Papers:

  • Coaching Tennis Successfully
  • Coaching Youth Tennis
  • Code of Conduct Card
  • Curriculum For Teaching Tennis To Special Populations
  • Directory of Building and Equipment Grants
  • Directory of Education Grants
  • Directory of Operating Grants
  • Enhancing Committee Effectiveness
  • 50 Creative Training Closers
  • 50 Creative Training Openers and Energizers
  • Fun Tennis Formats
  • Guide For Nonprofit Organizations
  • Guide to Proposal Writing
  • Guide to Start a CTA - Intermountain Section
  • How to Hire A Tennis Professional
  • Illustrated Introduction to the Rules of Tennis
  • I Know Absolutely Nothing About Tennis
  • ITF Junior Circuit Regulations 2001
  • Linking People and Programs - (1998 Recreational Tennis Leadership)
  • Mentally Challenged Tennis Program
  • National Volunteer/Staff Communication Guide
  • NCTA Parks & Recreation Tennis Workshop
  • NetKnacks Tennis Awards
  • Promotional Merchandise Catalogue
  • Proposal Writing Seminar
  • Pushing the Game - Wheelchair Programming for All
  • RSN Promotional T-Shirts
  • Show Me The Money
  • Snack Guide For Beleaguered Sports Parents, The Official
  • Special Populations Development and Volunteer Guide
  • Special Populations Program - Organizations With Which to Establish Relationships and  Communications
  • Sports First Aid
  • Teaching Aids Resource Guide 2000
  • Tennis Courts - A Construction and Maintenance Manual
  • Tennis - Easy On Easy Off
  • Tennis In A Wheelchair - Brad Parks
  • Tennis Tactics Winning Patterns of Play
  • USA Team Tennis Adult Program Manual
  • USPTR - Backboard Drills
  • USPTR - Instructing Wheelchair Tennis
  • USPTR Manual  on Tennis Business Management
  • USTA Guide For Community Tennis Associations (this document is 90 pages long and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - because of the file size its download time can be excessive if you are working off of a dial-up connection)
  • USTA Guide To Community Tennis
  • USTA Guide To Fund Raising For Community Tennis
  • USTA Manual for Zone Team Championship Tournament Directors
  • USTA/MPC Resource Manual for Multicultural Participation
  • 2002 Wheelchair Tennis Handbook
  • Working With Committees

USTA Seminar Tapes:

  • Community Tennis Associations: Now That You've Got One, What's Next?
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Incorporation and Tax Exempt Status for a CTA
  • Building Bridges Through Sports

No Child Left Behind Series:

  • Homework Tips for Parents
  • Reading Tips for Parents
  • What to Know and Where to Go

Program Support Materials


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