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Who is Sean Hoy?

Sean Hoy - Cartoonist

“Back to doing what he does best!”

Sean Hoy has made a few detours on the road to his cartooning career, but he is back on track and ready to make his fans laugh-out loud at his cartoons, which he produces daily for newspapers, magazines, websites and his mom’s fridge.

Sean Hoy
Who is Sean Hoy?

Sean began his cartooning career by drawing on the walls of his family’s home with permanent markers, crayons and even cat litter. The second grade officially marked the beginning of Sean’s professional cartooning career as he started charging a nickel for cartoons of sheep or a caricature of Jimmy Carter.

He attended Marcos De Niza High School in Phoenix, Arizona where he was the official class clown and cartoonist for the school’s newspaper. He held the same job at Arizona State University as the editorial cartoonist for The State Press where he honed his skills while obtaining a BA in Communications.

Upon graduation Sean’s work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines nation-wide. He also has pursued an acting and comedy career that has lead to a few national commercials, various plays, and some bit parts in movies. He appeared on stage at The Comedy Store with Buddy Doran, Jim O’Brien, Tommy Davidson and Andrew Dice Clay. And he was a key member in the improvisational comedy troupe, The OxymoronZ that disbanded in 2001.

With all that Sean has done, he feels that producing top-quality, laugh-out loud, original, timely, fun cartoons is what he wants to be known for. He is now a resident of Chadron, Nebraska where he feels at home with his girlfriend Kimberly Olson and daughter, Aspen. Sean spends his mornings drawing and sending out cartoons via the Internet. His goal is simple: To lead a life doing what he loves to do and to bring a breath of fresh air into the lives of those who read his cartoons.

Sean is working on self-syndicating his cartoons which means sending them to small and large newspapers to be printed on a daily or semi daily basis. He is finding his niche at smaller newspapers that need quality work, but cannot afford a full-time cartoonist.

Published In:
The Arizona Republic, The Tribune, Hospitality Review, New Times, The Chadron Record, Get-Up and Go Magazine, Sun Tennis, Tennis Times, Illinois Medicine and many more.

Featured In:
The American Editor, Good Morning, Arizona, Arizona Golf Show, Golfdom Magazine, Sun Tennis Magazine

Off Course Golf Cartoons, Variance from The Norm, The Best of Hoy Cartoons (TBA)

What People Say about Sean’s Cartoons:

“They are laugh-out loud funny”

“You are sick, Sean”

“Hoy’s work is refreshing and very original…."

“They suck”. - Sean’s Mom

Sean's Cartoons Currently online at Southerntennis.com:


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