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2008 USTA Southern Rules and Regulations

2008 USTA Southern Rules and Regulations


The USTA SOUTHERN Rules and Regulations herein contained were adopted by the Management Committee, the Board of Directors, and the membership, and shall be observed and followed by the USTA SOUTHERN committees, officers, directors, and members, and will apply to all the tournaments held by clubs, associations and organizations belonging to USTA SOUTHERN.

I. Quota System for Entry to Southern Junior Closed Championships

a. General. The draw size in every age division of the Southern Junior Closed shall be determined by the USTA SOUTHERN SECTION Junior Tennis Council. Each age division tournament will include a championship singles and doubles event and a consolation event for all singles events. Each junior player entering a Southern Junior Closed event is required to play the consolation event, unless the failure to play is attributable to a bona fide reason such as illness, injury or personal emergency as verified by the Tournament Committee. Participation in the consolation events by quarter-finalists is mandatory. There will be a play-off for 3rd place in the main draw. To assure a fair distribution of entrants, each of the nine States of the USTA SOUTHERN SECTION is allotted a quota computed on the basis of the State's percentage of individual junior members of the USTA SOUTHERN SECTION as reflected in the previous year end figures. In the event there are open places in the draw because a State does not fill its quota, all the alternates from the other States shall be evaluated and accepted in the draw in order according to ability. Any alternates remaining after the draw is completed shall be posted on the draw in order and accepted as vacancies occur until the completion of the first round of play.

b. State Selectors. A State Selector is appointed by each State to take applications for entry and to select the players from that State to fill the quota allotted in accordance with the USTA Southern Section standards adopted by that State. All juniors who desire to apply for entry to the Southern Junior Closed Championships must apply to the appropriate State Selector. The State Selector shall send the completed applications for entry, along with the ordered list of selected players in quota and alternates, to the Director of the Southern Junior Closed Championships immediately following the completion of their state qualifier.

c. Southern Junior Championships. All Southern Junior Championships must use the deuce-ad scoring, with the set tiebreak played at six-all in all sets in Championship and Feed-in-Consolation singles matches, except when the players are scheduled to play two (2) singles consolation matches in a day. In that case, the players may play a match tie-break in lieu of a third set. If scheduling is disrupted by inclement weather, then two deuce-ad sets with a match tie-break played in lieu of a third set is authorized for Championship singles. Doubles matches shall consist of at least an 8-game pro-set.

d. Quota, State Selector, Basis for Selection. The Quota assigned each State, State Selectors, and the Basis for Selection adopted by each State for the Southern Junior Closed Championships for the current year are listed below.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 5 128 Draw-10, 160 Draw-12
William Fain

It is mandatory that players play in the Alabama Junior State Qualifying Championships to be considered for the Southern Closed. To be on Alabama’s list of endorsed players does not guarantee entry into the Closed. It is all players’ responsibility to enter the Southern Closed prior to the deadline to be considered. (In special circumstances, the Alabama Junior Competition Committee may grant a waiver, said waiver request must be made at the earliest time possible and let it be known in advance that the Committee has a long history of not granting said waivers, as it feels the importance of participating in our Qualifier is top priority.). With that said it is Alabama's responsibility to send the strongest quota of players in each age division, based on the results in the qualifier we will select players on the following criteria; for the B/G 14-18's the 4 semi finalist in the main and the 4 semi finalist in the back draw are selected automatically, for the B/G 12's the 4 Semi Finalist in the main draw and the 2 finalist in the back draw are automatically selected, for the B/G 10's the 2 Finalist in the main draw are automatically selected and the remaining quota spots in each age division will be determined by the Alabama Junior Competition Committee based on all USTA National, Sectional and District ranking/standing information available, as well as recent head to head results.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 4, 128 Draw -8, 160 Draw-10
16’s & 18’s: Tom Fink
12’s & 14’s: Richard Akel

The player must play in the Arkansas Junior Qualifying in the age division the player wishes to be considered for the State Quota to the Southern Closed Championships. Participation in the State Qualifying is mandatory unless waived in advance by the Waiver Committee.
Selection for five slots per division (other than 10s) will be based on the top five finishers in the State Qualifying. All other slots will be filled based on the strength of a player’s tournament record for the current ranking year---National, Southern, and State records will be considered. Selection for three slots in the 10s division will be based on the top three finishers in the Arkansas Junior Qualifying.
Any Southern quota spots which cannot be filled by a player in that age division can be filled by a player in a lower age division, if that player was not endorsed in a lower division.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 20,128 Draw-41, 160 Draw-43State
Selectors: USTA Georgia Office:

Rick Davison:davison@gatennis.com 404-256-9543 x14
Barbara Berman berman@gatennis.com 404-256-9543 x16

Juniors are selected from the USTA Georgia State Junior Closed Qualifying, unless an approved waiver has been granted. Players must play the Qualifying in the age division they want to be endorsed to the USTA Southern Junior Closed. (Example: A player who plays up in the 14’s in the Qualifying is not eligible to be endorsed to the USTA Southern Closed in the 12’s. The players must be endorsed in the 14’s.)
Selection criteria:
G 10: The 21 highest-ranked players (including waivers) who have competed in the Qualifying and who applied to the USTA Southern Junior Closed will be selected from the Qualifying to fill the USTA Georgia quota. The major consideration for selection will be the June 6, 2008 USTA Georgia Standings.
BG 12-18: Players who reach the round of 16 at the Qualifying and who apply to the USTA Southern Junior Closed will automatically be selected. The remaining players, including any waived players, who apply to the USTA Southern Junior Closed will be selected from the Qualifying to fill the USTA Georgia quota. The major consideration for selection will be the June 6, 2008 USTA Georgia Standings.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 3, 128 Draw-7, 160 Draw-9
Girls – Tim Gornet
Boys – Jeff Mallory

To qualify for the Southern Closed Championships, a junior player must play in the Joe Creason Junior Qualifying Tournament in the singles age division that the player wishes to be considered for the State Quota to the Southern Closed Championships. Participation in the Joe Creason is mandatory, unless waived in advanced by the Waiver Committee.

Selection for five slots per division will be based on the top five finishers in the Joe Creason Junior Qualifying Tournament (the four semifinalists and the feed in consolation winner). All other slots open to Kentucky Juniors will be based on a player’s performance in the Joe Creason Qualifying Tournament and the strength of the player’s overall tournament record for the current year, caliber of wins and head to head matches, National, Sectional, and State rankings.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 5, 128 Draw- 9, 160 Draw-11
Rob Worley

SOUTHERN CLOSED: To qualify for the Southern Closed, a junior
player must play the Louisiana State Closed Junior Qualifying tournament.
a. The four semi-finalists in the main draw and the winner (5th)
and the runner-up (6th) of the consolation draw are automatically
selected. Selection of the remaining eligible players for LA's quota
will be based primarily on a player's tournament record (national,
sectional, and state events for the previous eleven months) against other Louisiana players in the age division under consideration. Other factors such as player
exposure (number of matches and events played), head-to-head matches, the
caliber of wins and the player's performance at the LA Qualifier may
also be considered. Those players not endorsed, but who have submitted
applications for endorsement, shall be identified as alternates.
Endorsement criteria for the Southern Closed

b. Entry to the Southern Closed is through Tennis Link at www.usta.com. It is the players’ responsibility to timely enter ONLINE for the Southern Closed. However, only those players who have timely entered the Southern Closed online and been endorsed by Louisiana as part of its quota or otherwise accepted into the draw as alternates, will be allowed to compete in the Southern Closed. Players are urged to register early so as to allow for LA’s quota to be filled and alternates moved up accordingly. It is the player’s responsibility to timely enter online as well as to thereafter inquire as to whether he or she has been endorsed for the Southern Closed or is accepted into the draw as an alternate. Endorsement lists will be posted on the LTA web site. No notification will be given to those players endorsed, as it is each player’s responsibility to ascertain their status.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 4, 128 Draw-7, 160 Draw-9
Mitch Rayborn

To qualify for the Southern Closed Championships, a junior must play in the Mississippi Closed Qualifying tournament in the age division they wish to play in the Southern Closed. The following finishers in the Qualifier will automatically be selected: in the 160 draw (14’s, 16’s and 18’s) the 4 semifinalists in the championship (main) bracket and the 2 finalists in the consolations; the 128 compass draw (12’s) the 4 semifinalists in the championship (main) bracket and the 2 finalists in the consolations; the 64 compass draw (10's) the 4 semifinalists in the championship (main) bracket. Selection of the remaining players for Mississippi’s quota will be based on Southern standings immediately following the Qualifier. Waivers into the Southern Closed will be considered for medical reasons, family crisis or unavoidable circumstances. Players who fall into this category will be placed at the bottom of the alternate list.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 10, 128 Draw-21, 160 Draw-23
Jeff Trivette

Selection to the Junior Southern Closed tournament is based primarily on the most recent update of the NCTA Standings List calculated with the final results of the Tar Heel Qualifier. The Junior Selection Committee retains the right to adjust if necessary. Juniors must play in the singles event of the Tar Heel Qualifier in the age group one wants to be considered for selection. Play in age groups other than that which the player applies for selection to the Southern Junior Closed will not be considered.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 7, 128 Draw-13, 160 Draw-15
State Selectors: Terry Ferrell and Christy Britt

To be considered for play in the Southern Junior Closed Championships, participation in the State Qualifying is required, unless waived in advance by the Selector and SCTA Junior Council. The top 8 finishers at the State Qualifying will be selected. Other selections will be based on a player's 2006 player record and National, Southern and South Carolina standings.

Quota: For 64 Draw- 6, 128 Draw-12, 160 Draw-14
Peter Lebedevs

Virginia BellPlayers must be endorsed by USTA Tennessee for the USTA Southern Closed Championships. Players must play in the Qualifying in the age division in which they want to be endorsed in the USTA Southern Closed Championships.

The Southern Section is comprised of the following nine southern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Each state is allotted a quota of players, determined by USTA Junior membership, to represent the state at the USTA Southern Closed Championship.

Selection Process:
The top 8 finishers at the Qualifying (semis of main draw or back draw) automatically qualify for the Southern Championships. The next spots in quota are determined by the players finishing position in the Qualifying and their player record since January 1. In the 10s the top 4 finishers automatically qualify and the last 2 spots are determined by the players finishing position in the Qualifying and their player record since January 1. All players wanting to be considered for selection must have applied to the USTA Southern Closed Championship of their age.

Alternates: In addition to the combined quotas for all states in the USTA Southern Section, at least 14 places are retained for alternates in the 14-18s age groups. Therefore, players who fall outside the USTA Tennessee quota and want to go to the USTA Southern Closed Junior Championships are encouraged to submit an application. Those 14 places are chosen based on a players Southern ranking. It is the player’s responsibility to ascertain his/her entry status for the USTA Southern Closed Junior Championships. Additional alternate information will be given in the appropriate STA Southern Closed Junior Championships entry form and/or on the Internet.

Waivers: Under special circumstances, Tennessee players may be waived from Qualifying Championships and receive endorsement to the Southern Closed Junior Championships. Those requesting a waiver must meet the following requirements and follow these procedures:

1. A player is ranked in the top 20 Nationally of the age group they are applying for a waiver from.

2. Requests for a waiver for illness, injury or extreme emergency must be properly documented and submitted in writing to the USTA Tennessee office. A medical waiver does not guarantee selection to the Southern Closed.

3. A player that wins the Qualifying as a first year player will be waived from that event as a second year player.

4. All waiver requests must be submitted to the TTA office in writing at least 1 month before the start of the Qualifying.

II. USTA SOUTHERN Boys' and Girls' Intersectional Teams, Boys and Girls National Team Championship Teams & Mills-Redgrave Challenge

a. General. USTA SOUTHERN annually selects Boys' and Girls' Intersectional Teams to represent USTA SOUTHERN. USTA SOUTHERN appoints a coach/chaperon to travel with each team and USTA SOUTHERN funds most of the teams' expenses. The team consists of up to eight players chosen from the top juniors in the 18 and 16 age divisions.

b. USTA SOUTHERN Committee. Selection of the teams shall be made by the USTA SOUTHERN Team Selection Committee listed in the Yearbook under the heading of "USTA SOUTHERN Committees".

c. Eligibility. Any junior player in USTA SOUTHERN meeting the following requirements shall be eligible to apply for Team selection:

a. Any player having a singles ranking of 1-10 in the 2006 USTA SOUTHERN 18's division ranking, or

b. Any player having a singles ranking of 1-5 in the 2006 USTA SOUTHERN 16's division rankings, or

c. Any member of the 2006 team who is still eligible for 18 or 16 and under competition in 2007, - or -

d. USTA Southern standard for Selection. The USTA SOUTHERN Team Selection Committee has the authority to invite the players that will best represent USTA SOUTHERN. Many factors may enter into the decision of the Selection Committee, and its decision shall be final. The Committee may require round-robin play or a play-off to obtain additional data for use in making the team selections. The eligibility requirements set forth above may not be waived, except by unanimous consent of all members of the Committee.

III. USTA SOUTHERN World TeamTennis Junior National Team

a. General. The USTA SOUTHERN SECTION may select up to three (3) boys and three girls to represent the Southern Section at the World TeamTennis Junior Nationals.

b. Team Selection. Team selection shall be made by the USTA Southern Team Selection Subcommittee and will be based on Sportsmanship and a current season’s National standing of not higher than 150 at the cutoff date for such, as determined by World TeamTennis.

IV. USTA SOUTHERN Endorsement Procedures to USTA National Junior Championships and Zone Team Championships:

· USTA National Spring Championships

· USTA National Clay Courts Championships

· USTA National Hard Court Championships

· USTA National Winter Championships

· USTA 12, 14 & 16 Zone Team Championships

a. Sectional Quota System. Each of the seventeen (17) Sections of the USTA has a guaranteed quota for every USTA National Junior Championship based on the percentage of total individual junior members in the USTA during the preceding year. The quota varies each year and it is different for different size draws. The USTA Southern quotas shall be determined by the USTA.

b. USTA SOUTHERN Criteria-Eligibility for Endorsement to USTA National Junior Championships.

i. Summer National Championships. Minimum requirements are one Bullfrog/USTA Southern Section Designated tournament, your State Qualifier and the Southern Junior Closed in the age group for which endorsement is sought.

ii. Spring & Winter National Championships. Minimum requirements are a combination of two (2) Southern Championships and/or Bullfrog/STA designated tournaments in the age group for which endorsement
is sought.

iii. 16 Zonals. Any player who has played in the Southern Closed and whose Southern standing is within the endorsed group.

iv. 14 Zonals. Minimum requirements are a combination of two (2) Southern Championships and/or Bullfrog/USTA Southern designated tournaments in the 14’s age group.

v. 12 Zonals. Minimum requirement is play in the Southern Junior Closed in the 12’s age group.

c. Participation in the USTA Southern State Qualifying tournament in the age division for which endorsement is sought is required unless waived. Players must be aware of their own State's requirements for selection to participate in the Southern Closed.

d. All players fulfilling the above requirements will be considered "eligible" for endorsement to the various USTA National Championships.

e. Waiver provisions: Waiver of any of the above provisions can be granted only by the Junior Waiver Committee. The Committee will adhere to the following guidelines in considering waiver requests:

i. Waiver for illness or injury: Waivers shall be considered for those who have qualified for the Southern Closed but are forced to withdraw due to illness or injury prior to the tournament. In all such cases, a request for a waiver must be accompanied by written medical documentation of disability, signed by a licensed physician, and also stating that, in the physician's opinion, the player will be in adequate physical condition to participate in the National tournament. However, if such a waiver is granted, these players will be endorsed only if they are otherwise qualified and if the strength of their over-all records legitimately ranks them within the endorsed group.

ii. Waiver for the Designated Events: Waivers for the Designated Events required for endorsement to the Nationals shall be considered for, but not limited to, the following:

a. Injury or illness.

b. Players acquiring residence in USTA SOUTHERN after the last Designated tournament.

c. Participation in International Events conflicting with the Designated tournaments. When a waiver request is approved, the player's endorsement position shall be based on their current overall record.

iii. Junior Waiver Committee: The Junior Waiver Committee (see listing under USTA SOUTHERN Committees) will be formed to consider applications for waiver of USTA SOUTHERN Criteria for Endorsement to USTA National Junior Championships. The Committee will consist of four persons appointed by the Chairman of the Junior Tennis Council on the basis of previously demonstrated expertise and experience in the Junior Endorsement and ranking process. The Committee shall follow the guidelines outlined in the waiver provisions of Article IV.B.3. Waivers shall be granted or denied by majority vote of the Committee unless otherwise provided for in the waiver provisions.

iv. Other substitutions for Southern Closed: Consideration may be given by the Junior Waiver Committee to waiver requests from Southern Closed participation made by players seeking participation in other prestigious events of national or international nature if such event is scheduled in conflict with the Southern Closed. Waivers of this type will be granted on a highly selective basis and only with the unanimous approval of the Waiver Committee.

f. Bullfrog USTA Southern Designated Tournaments.
Player may enter Bullfrog USTA Southern Designated Tournaments in any age division. Acceptance shall be based on current standings and records.

i. Bullfrog USTA Southern Designated entry deadlines shall be fourteen (14) days prior to the tournament start date.

ii. A list of all entries received shall be posted to the internet.

iii. The draw and times shall be posted to the internet and at the main tournament site after 6pm the evening before play begins.

iv. Withdrawal time without penalty of default or loss of entry fee shall be seven (7) days prior to the tournament start date

g. Entry Procedure.

i. Entry to USTA Nationals and National Opens must be completed on-line at USTA.com.

ii. The endorser will rank all players who have applied by the deadline. You will thus know whether you are in quota (guaranteed entry) or on the alternate list. If you are on the alternate list, it is your obligation to contact the tournament on the date indicated on the application to find out if you have been accepted into the tournament.

iii. If you are in quota and must withdraw, advise your USTA Southern endorser and the USTA Championship immediately so it can accept the next USTA SOUTHERN over quota player to fill your place in the draw. Failure to do this could bring disciplinary action.

V. Ranking Regulations

a. General - Applicable to all Junior Age Categories.

i. Sanctioned Events. Only results of sanctioned events will be considered for ranking purposes.

ii. Membership. All players must have a current Adult, Junior, Family, Life, or Honorary membership in the USTA in order to be ranked. Membership applications are available at all sanctioned tournaments, the USTA SOUTHERN Sectional Office, and from each State Office.

iii. Ranking Year and Age Eligibility. The USTA SOUTHERN Ranking Year and age eligibility for all age divisions shall be the same as that adopted by USTA SOUTHERN and shall be promulgated in the USTA SOUTHERN publications each year.

iv. Waiver of Minimum Requirements. The minimum requirements for consideration may be waived only by a majority vote of the USTA SOUTHERN Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the Ranking Committee Chairman.

v. Insufficient Data. A player or team with an otherwise outstanding record, but not having the minimum required number of tournaments, may be noted under "Insufficient Data" by the Ranking Committee. A "recognized" or "known" player is not sufficient; the record must be outstanding with only the number of tournaments lacking.

vi. Alphabetical. A numerical grouping may be used by a Ranking Committee for giving recognition to players who meet the ranking qualifications, but whose record does not clearly establish a specific numerical position. Players thus ranked will be listed alphabetically.

vii. Ranking Appeals. Tentative rankings will be published in early January and will always be available at the site of the Annual Meeting of USTA SOUTHERN immediately prior to the meeting of the USTA SOUTHERN Ranking Committees in January. Provided that a completed Player Record Form has been sent to the appropriate ranker/endorser, all players shall have the right to appeal a tentative ranking by written notification to the Chairman of the appropriate Ranking Committee, with a copy to the Ranking Coordinator and the Chairman of the Ranking Committee within ten (10) days after receipt of the tentatives or immediately prior to the meeting of the Ranking Committees, whichever occurs first. Players are reminded that tentative rankings may have been made without the results of late season tournaments, and players can assist the Ranking Committees in making correct rankings by sending in their complete records with all results for the ranking year. After tentative rankings are published, players may send in information to substantiate their tentative ranking or, to object by appeal, to their tentative ranking. Any player who files a written appeal shall have the right to appear before the Ranking Committee in person, provided that the written notice of appeal includes a notice that the player intends to so appear. When a review of an appeal is considered, the individual Chairman of the age group involved shall not have a vote in the appeal. The determination of rankings by the Ranking Committee shall be final, except as to appeals that may be referred to the Annual Meeting for decision.

b. Adult

1. Membership. All players must have a current Adult, Family, Life, or Honorary membership in the USTA in order to be ranked. Membership applications are available at all sanctioned tournaments, the USTA SOUTHERN Sectional Web site, and from each State Office.

2. Ranking Year and Age Eligibility. The USTA SOUTHERN Ranking Year and age eligibility for all age divisions shall be the same as that adopted by the USTA and shall be promulgated in the USTA SOUTHERN publications each year.

3. Rankings will be based on the Calendar Year USTA Southern Point System as listed on the USTA Southern Web site. Additionally Rankings may be published in the Yearbook and other publications.

Players participating in only one event may request their name to be removed from the final rankings if that request is received by the Adult Ranking Chair between January 1 - January 10 of the following year.

a. General: Southern rankings shall be established, provided there are sufficient events, for the following divisions: Men's and Women's singles and doubles, Men's and Women's 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, and 90 singles and doubles, Father and Son doubles, Mother and Daughter doubles, Husband and Wife doubles, Mixed doubles and 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 70, 75,and 80 Mixed doubles.

b. Wheelchair singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles: one (1) Southern Championship and one (1) other tournament sanctioned in the Southern Section, one (1) of which must be played outside the player's(s') State, but within the Southern Section.

c. Junior

i. Minimum Requirements. Playing in any USTA National Championship does not count towards minimum USTA SOUTHERN ranking requirements. The minimum number of tournaments required for consideration for USTA SOUTHERN ranking in Boys' and Girls' 12-18 divisions follows:

a. One (1) Southern Championship and a minimum of two hundred (200) points earned in the Points Per Round system used by the USTA Southern Section. Eligible Southern Championships are the Southern Junior Closed, Southern Junior Open, Spring Southern Closed, Southern Fall Closed, and the Southern Winter Closed.

d. Junior Ranking Requirements

i. The USTA SOUTHERN junior rankings shall be based on the USTA Southern Points Per Round system. All players must have accumulated a minimum of two hundred (200) points to be eligible for a ranking.

ii. Withdrawal after 10:00 am (time at tournament site) on the day before the start of the tournament shall be considered defaults. Defaults shall be limited to one per player, per event, in any one tournament. For USTA Southern ranking purposes, a retirement shall preclude a player from receiving any further defaults in that tournament.

iii. Singles matches consisting of at least two (2) full sets count for Southern ranking. In lieu of a third set, a tie-breaker (match tie break is recommended) may be played to determine the winner of the match. Doubles matches consisting of at least an 8-game pro-set count for Southern ranking.

iv. Only the results of those tournaments using the approved internet posting of results shall be considered for ranking purposes.

v. Players shall be dropped one (1) place in the final rankings for each default incurred during the ranking period.

e. Residency Requirements for Southern Closed Tournaments

i. Only players who have established a legal residency in one of the nine States of the USTA Southern Section of the United States Tennis Association (State of Alabama, State of Arkansas (including Bowie County, Texas), State of Georgia, State of Kentucky (except for the counties of Boone, Campbell, and Kenton), State of Louisiana, State of Mississippi, State of North Carolina, State of South Carolina, State of Tennessee (including Bristol, Virginia), hold a current USTA membership card assigned to one of the States in USTA Southern, and are citizens of the United States or meet the resident alien requirements for a USTA National ranking are eligible to participate in Southern Closed tournaments. Resident alien requirements include resident aliens who have resided in the United States continuously for more than one year and are members of families of persons in the diplomatic or consular corps. In the case of a junior player, legal residency is that of the parents. Extenuating circumstances may be considered by the USTA SOUTHERN Executive Committee. A policy statement on resident status is on file at the USTA Southern office.

ii. Juniors who desire to qualify for the Southern Closed Championships shall be required to play in the State Qualifying or receive a waiver from the State where they are legal residents on the May 15 immediately preceding the State Qualifying Tournaments.

iii. Players who meet any one of the following criteria may register their intent to participate in closed tournaments and /or receive a ranking in the State in which their parents are legal residents:

a. Juniors going to school/college outside the State where their parents reside;

b. Juniors who spend time with joint custody parents;

c. Players who live in more than one location during the year; and

d. Family members of the military.

iv. The intent must be registered in writing to the State office where they desire to participate and the USTA Southern office before the first closed tournament is held in the involved State or section. In the event no request is made, it is assumed that the player will compete and/or be eligible for a ranking in the State that best describes their legal residence.
NOTE: The intent of the above paragraph is that no one shall be allowed to participate in closed tournaments or be ranked in two or more States or sections during any single ranking year.

e. Residency Requirements for a USTA Southern Ranking
In order to be considered for a USTA Southern ranking in his/her respective age division, a player must meet the Residency Requirements of USTA SOUTHERN as stated above, and must compete in the required tournaments.

VI. USTA SOUTHERN Junior Suspension Point System

a. Code of Conduct Report

i. A USTA Southern Code of Conduct Report shall be included in the tournament packet of all USTA Southern Junior Championships and Designated Tournaments.

ii. The USTA SOUTHERN Code of Conduct Report shall be filled out by a USTA certified official of the tournament, signed by the player or referee and sent to the USTA SOUTHERN Junior Coordinator within 48 hours after the completion of the tournament.

b. The Point Penalty System

i. The point penalty system as sanctioned by USTA SOUTHERN shall be used as the basis to impose suspension points. Code violations shall only be given by a USTA certified official.

c. Suspension Points

i. Suspension points shall be accumulated from the following events:

a. Southern Closed, Open and Indoors.

b. USTA SOUTHERN Designated Tournaments.

c. USTA Southern Level 3, 4 and 5 Tournaments.

d. All Events in the National Junior Tournament Schedule.

ii. Suspension points accumulate over a twelve month period. Points that have been on a player's record for twelve months shall be expunged.

iii. When six points or more have been accumulated, the USTA SOUTHERN Junior Coordinator shall send a letter to the player informing him/her of being in jeopardy suspension.

iv. When a player accumulates TEN suspension points during a twelve month period, he/she shall be sent a letter from USTA SOUTHERN notifying him/her of their suspension from USTA SOUTHERN sanctioned events within the USTA SOUTHERN for three months and also from the next Southern Championship. The suspended player shall not be eligible for endorsement to any Nationals during the three month suspension.

v. Furthermore, a suspended player shall be ineligible for selection to USTA SOUTHERN team events (including Zonals and Intersectionals), Competition Training Centers and Training Camps for the twelve months following the suspension.

vi. Following a suspension, the first ten points will be expunged from the player's record.

d. Appeal Process

i. Following notice of such suspension, the player shall have the right to a hearing by the USTA SOUTHERN Grievance Committee if requested within five days following the receipt of the suspension notice. There shall be a one hundred dollar ($100.) filing fee to appeal, in addition to the cost of the hearing. If the suspension is overturned in its entirety, the cost of the hearing shall be refunded. If the suspension is affirmed by the USTA SOUTHERN Grievance Committee, the three month suspension shall commence as of the date following the date of the order of the USTA SOUTHERN Grievance affirming such suspension. If the suspension is affirmed, the player shall have the right to appeal the decision of the USTA SOUTHERN Grievance Committee to the USTA SOUTHERN Executive Committee. The USTA SOUTHERN Executive Committee shall not be required to hold a hearing.

VII. Tournament Rules and Regulations

a. Rules.

i. The Rules of Tennis, USTA Tournament Regulations, USTA standards of Conduct (including Point Penalty System), & USTA Standing Orders, and all other rules and regulations of the USTA shall be observed by all member organizations conducting sanctioned tournaments in USTA SOUTHERN. The foregoing rules and regulations are found in the current "USTA Yearbook", "A Friend at Court", and "The Code" (the official USTA publication for the conduct of all matches played without on-court officials). These publications are available from USTA Publications, 70 West Red Oak Lane., White Plains, NY 10604, and each shall be in the files of every member organization conducting sanctioned tournaments.

ii. All players entering USTA sanctioned tournaments must abide by the rules as referenced above. Each such player would do well to obtain a personal copy of the publications, particularly "The Code". An abbreviated version of certain key parts of the "The Code" is reprinted in the yearbook for the information and education of all tournament players and officials. Tournament Directors are being sent (in their Tournament Packets) a separate copy of the "Abbreviated Code" to post at each tournament site.

iii. All individual and organizational members of the USTA and USTA SOUTHERN are subject, during the sanctioned events, to the Constitution and By-Laws of the USTA, USTA SOUTHERN and all States thereof, and the Disciplinary/Grievance Rules and Procedures therein contained.

b. USTA SOUTHERN Tournament Regulations.

i. In addition to the foregoing, specific USTA SOUTHERN Tournament Regulations, set forth below, must be followed in all sanctioned tournaments.

ii. The Officers of the organization holding a tournament shall have full control over the details concerning the tournament. The Committee shall select a Referee (who shall be certified under Article IX of the Standing Orders, USTA ), with the power to appoint a substitute to act in his stead and the substitute shall be present at all times while serving as such. He may not serve as an umpire or participate in a match, unless his substitute is present to act as Referee. The Tournament Committee shall have three or more members so that, in the event some person in one member's family is involved in a disciplinary action, the rest of the committee will have the power to act.

iii. The Committee shall keep order and decide any questions arising out of the competition, except those concerning tennis rules (which are to be decided by the Referee), and shall enforce all rules governing Conduct of Players and Spectators.

iv. The Committee is responsible for the proper running of the tournament in all matters and, in so doing, must observe the following:

a. Prepare draw sheets in accordance with regulations. The making of the draw must always be done where interested persons may watch its preparation. Under no circumstances shall any draw be done secretly or behind closed doors.

b. Follow proper seeding regulations as set forth in current "USTA Yearbook," or "Friend at Court." In so doing, the committee must consider previous year's rankings (National, Sectional, and State) and the performance of players during the current ranking year.

c. Carefully review all instructions concerning preparation of the draw, particularly with regard to correct placing of byes and seeded players. (Refer to rules in current "USTA Yearbook", or "Friend at Court"). In all Southern Closed Championships for juniors, the draw should avoid, if at all possible, the presence in the same quarter of the draw of more than one of the first players representing the same State Association. If possible, the Draw should also avoid two players from the same State meeting in a first round match.

d. See that no person is permitted to play a first round match in any event unless he or she presents a current USTA card or has proof (receipt) that he or she has applied for one. This requirement shall be included in all entry blanks sent out in connection with the tournament, and said entry blanks shall also state that forms for applying for membership will be available at the tournament. The committee is responsible for making necessary arrangements for handling membership enrollments during the tournament. The above provisions concerning USTA cards are mandatory for all sanctioned tournaments (except for collegiate and scholastic team matches). No Tournament Committee or any official shall waive this requirement or choose not to enforce it. The USTA card number, or the word "APPL" (if the player has not received his number, or enrolls at tournament) must be entered on the draw sheets.

e. Prepare a complete schedule, post it, and maintain it throughout the tournament. Matches may not be postponed or delayed to favor any player.

f. All players shall be limited to three events. No player shall be forced to play more than two singles matches in one day unless inclement weather forces doubling up on matches or if short scoring is used. If short scoring is used, up to three (3) singles matches may be scheduled per day. If, due to rain or other unforeseen circumstances, a player's presence in any event other than his or her age group is causing delay, that player may be defaulted from that division.

g. When it is possible to do so, each player shall be advised, on completion of a match, as to the time of the next match. In the event of rain, the Referee must advise players as to a probable restarting time and must caution players to report at the time stipulated. In any one day, players shall be granted a minimum of 30 minutes between the completion of one match before being required to start another.

h. Boys' and Girls' matches shall always be scheduled so that a player will compete in his own age classification before playing in an older classification the same day.

i. Rules regarding rest periods after the second set of three-set matches shall be observed in accordance with regulations as listed in the "USTA Yearbook", or "Friend at Court".

j. Consider the use of qualified persons to act as roving umpires or court monitors during matches, particularly in junior events. These persons may watch for trouble spots and, by their presence, can sometimes solve problems immediately.

k. All Southern singles Adult/Senior Championships shall hold a minimum of a first match loser's consolation (FMLC).

l. In the event that the draw size in a Southern Adult/Senior Championship is four or fewer, a round robin shall be played.

c. Conduct of Players and Spectators.

i. The highest type of sportsmanship is expected from every player. If a player is accompanied by a parent, coach, friend or any other person, the same exemplary conduct is expected of them. The USTA and USTA SOUTHERN regulations specifically prohibit the following and they shall not be tolerated.

a. No loud, abusive, or profane language, and no racquet-throwing or slamming balls shall be allowed.

b. The rules allow 90 seconds for toweling off, drinking water, etc., during change of courts on odd games. This does not permit continual strolling to the net or back court to use towels or sip a drink between points or after completion of even number games. Players must take care at all times not to interrupt play or to distract opponents in any way.

c. No player or players shall make a comedy of a match, whether they are winning or losing.

d. Spectators are expected to observe good manners at all times. They shall not be permitted to coach, talk to players, sit or stand near a court while a match is in progress in such a manner as to provide a distraction to any player on the court. Neither shall they cheer or clap in any way that is obviously distracting rather than the applauding of good play. During authorized rest periods between the second and third set, coaching is permissible.

e. Line calls shall not be made by unauthorized persons. If any player desires assistance in officiating his match, he should make the request to the Referee; this may be done either before or during the match.

f. Every player is expected to call balls on his side as he would expect his balls to be called by his opponent on the other side. This is the "Golden Rule" of tennis. Any ball falling on any part of a line is good, and calling such a ball "out" is cheating. Conversely, an "out" ball must be called instantaneously; otherwise, it is presumed good and in play. Avoid "late calls." A player suspected of cheating should be reported to the Referee who will send a responsible observer to monitor his match. If found to be guilty of cheating, the player will be warned that a continuation of this practice shall result in his being defaulted in that match and removed from all other events in which he is entered at that tournament. A full report shall be submitted to the player's Sectional and State Associations for any further disciplinary action deemed suitable.

g. In the matter of calling "lets", good sportsmanship calls for each player to do all in his means to see that a match is played properly, fairly, and under the best possible circumstances. When anything distracts a player, such as a ball from another court rolling onto the court (including the backstop), a "let" call must be made immediately, before either opponent has a chance to hit the return or before a return has gone out of play.

h. Any alleged violations of the above, which are brought to the attention of the referee, Tournament Committee, or designated USTA SOUTHERN official or representative, shall be investigated by one of the above and, upon verification, the player and/or spectator so involved shall be given one warning. Upon the second offense, the offender shall be defaulted if a player, and removed from the premises if a spectator. In the event that the Referee, Tournament Director, or Tournament Committee member fails or refuses to enforce the tournament regulations, then direct appeal may be made to a designated Southern official at the tournament who shall have authority to act immediately and, if necessary, to overrule the Referee and to direct compliance with the rules. A full report shall then be made to the player's Sectional and State Association and to the President of the USTA Section, if the player's Section is other than USTA SOUTHERN, or if the person involved is a spectator. Any flagrant violations of these regulations or rules of conduct brought to the attention of the USTA SOUTHERN Grievance Committee may result in the withdrawal of sanction from the Club or Association in question, or in seasonal disqualification of a player involved in any misdemeanor.

ii. The USTA rules for application of the Point Penalty System to specific instances are printed in the USTA Yearbook and "Friend at Court" and shall be reprinted and posted at each tournament.

VIII. USTA SOUTHERN League Tennis Program
The USTA League Tennis Program rules and regulations in effect in USTA SOUTHERN for any instant year will be the League Regulations adopted by the USTA League Committee, approved by the Board of Directors of the USTA and published in pamphlet form. These USTA League Regulations have full force in USTA SOUTHERN for all USTA League Tennis play.

IX. Amendments
Rules and Regulations shall be subject to alteration, amendment or repeal and new Rules and Regulations not inconsistent with any provision of the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws may be made either (1) by the affirmative vote of the majority of the members of USTA SOUTHERN present and voting at any annual or special meeting (2) by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting or (3) by the affirmative vote of the majority members of the Management Committee at any regular or special meeting, provided notice of the proposed alteration, amendment or repeal by the Management Committee is forwarded to each member of the Board of Directors and to each State President at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the meeting at which the same is to be considered.5-11-2007

***Red font denotes new regulations for 2008***


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