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Tennessee Dominant in 28th Annual Senior Cup 2014

May 29, 2014 04:51 PM
Mildred Southern & Gil Stacy Memorial Cup Winners: Team Tennessee
2014 Senior Cup
2014 Senior Cup
2014 Senior Cup
2014 Senior Cup

The top adult players from the nine states in the Southern Section will meet from June 5-8 in the 28th Annual Senior Cup 2014 in Huntsville, AL. The weekend will be comprised of more than 300 players in team competition for men and women in the 35, 45, 55, 65, and 75 age categories with a team match format of two singles and one doubles.  The players in the field include former collegiate All-Americans, NCAA champions, and professional players. Each state will be vying for the Mildred Southern Cup, Gil Stacy Cup, and the men and women’s overall scoring title.


Monday, June 9

After some signification weather challenges throughout the weekend, the Senior Cup 2014 was able to be completed! Thank you to our captains and participants this year for their cooperation and patience during the weekend. Huntsville Tennis Center did a phenominal job this year, and the players were in for another high-quality championship. And a big thank you to the tournament staff (Mary Anna Scott, Dene Owen, Elizabeth Walker and Nancy Vineyard) for working endless hours in making the tournament a success.

2014 Championship Winners

The state winner for the Women’s Overall Championship is a tie between TENNESSEE AND SOUTH CAROLINA with 38 championship points. Louisiana followed behind with 25 points, and both Georgia and Kentucky finished in fourth with 18 points.

The state winner for the Men’s Overall Championship goes to GEORGIA with 30 championship points. Alabama and Tennessee tie for a second place finish with 25 points. Louisiana rounds it out with a fourth place finish with 22.5 points.

The state titleholder for the Mildred Southern Cup, which goes to the state with the most overall men’s and women’s goes to TENNESSEE with 63 championship points. The runner-up honors goes to South Carolina with 52 championship points and Georgia and Louisiana tallying 48 and 47.5 championship points for third and fourth place.

The state victor for the Gil Stacy Memorial Cup, which goes to the state with the most individual wins, goes to TENNESSEE with 55 points. This was an extremely tight race, as South Carolina follows closely behind at 50 points for second place. Louisiana finished at third with 49 points, and Georgia follows behind at 44 points.

2014 Age Division Results


Final: Kentucky def. South Carolina, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: Georgia def. Arkansas, 3-0.

5th Place: Tennessee def.Louisiana, 2-1.



Final: Tennessee def. Georgia, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: Louisiana def. Kentucky, 2-1.

5th Place: South Carolina def. North Carolina, 2-1.



Final: South Carolina def. North Carolina, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: Tennessee def. Georgia, 3-0.
5th Place: Louisiana def. Alabama, 3-0.



Final: South Carolina def. Louisiana, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: North Carolina def. Tennessee, 2-1.

5th Place: Kentucky def. Alabama, 2-1.



Final: Tennessee def. Louisiana, 2-0.

3rd/4th Place: Alabama def. South Carolina, 2-0.

5th Place: Mississippi def. Kentucky, 2-0.



Final: Alabama def. Georgia, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: Tennessee def. South Carolina, 2-1.

5th Place: Arkansas def. North Carolina, 3-0.



Final: Georgia def. Tennessee, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: Arkansas def. Kentucky, 2-1.
5th Place: South Carolina def. Alabama, 3-0.



Final: Mississippi def. Louisiana, 3-0.

3rd/4th Place: Tennessee def. Alabama, 2-1.

5th Place: North Carolina def. Georgia, 2-1.



Final: North Carolina def. Georgia, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: South Carolina def. Tennessee, 2-1.

5th Place: Alabama def. Louisiana, 2-1.



Final: Louisiana def. Mississippi, 2-1.

3rd/4th Place: Alabama def. North Carolina, 2-1.

5th Place: South Carolina def. Georgia, 2-1.

Friday, June 6

After a couple of rain delays, the tournament was able to finish the tournament at the indoor courts at Huntsville Athletic Club. Thank you to all the captains and players for their patience. And a big kudos goes to the phenominal group at Huntsville Tennis Center (Joc Simmons, Tani Deaton and maintenance crew) for getting the courts in playable condition after the big rain delay. Please check the weather hotline at 7:00 AM tomorrow for any updates for Saturday's schedule of play.


Thursday, June 5
Preliminary round matches were underway at 4:00 PM until heavy rain and wind hit Huntsville an hour later. Players finished their singles and doubles preliminary matches indoors. Congratulations to the following teams for winning their preliminary team matches to advance to the main draw: MS(M45), TN(M55), LA(M65) and AL(W55).

The following teams were seeded:

M35: TN(1), SC(2)

M45: GA(1), NC(2), TN (3), AL (4)

M55: MS(1), LA(2), SC(3), GA(4)
M65: GA(1), NC(2), SC(3), TN(4)
M75: LA(1), MS(2)

W35: SC(1), KY(2), GA(3), AR(4)

W45: TN(1), GA(2), LA(3), KY(4)

W55: SC(1), NC(2), TN(3), GA(4)

W65: SC(1), TN(2), LA(3), NC(4)

W75: AL(1), SC(2)

Men's and Women's Overall Scoring Title

Awarded to the state with the most accumilated championship points in all five age groups (35-75). Men and women will be treated as separate scorings, so there will be a Men's Overall and a Women's Overall scoring title. The following points will be awarded for each main draw team match won: Preliminary Round (1 pt), Quarterfinals (3 or 4 pts), Semifinals and Final (4 pts) and 3rd Place (2 pts). The followings points will be awarded for each consolation draw team match won: Quarterfinals (1/2 pt), Semifinals (1/2 or 1 pt) and Final (1 pt).

Mildred Southern Cup
Presented to the State with the highest combined total of Men’s and Women’s Overall Championships points.

Gil Stacy Memorial Cup
The state that wins the most individual matches (whether in Main Draw or Consolation) will determine the Gil Stacy Memorial Cup. Each match won counts 1 point.

The Senior Cup championships continue to be the "crown jewel" of adult and senior tournament play in the South, and players and spectators will be treated to amazing competition over the weekend. For more information and updated results, please see link on the top of this page.

HOST TENNIS SITE: Huntsville Tennis Center
2305 Airport Road; Huntsville, AL 35805


HOST HOTEL: Huntsville Marriott
5 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805





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