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Run/Roll Exhibition Highlights USTA Southern Carolina Meeting

December 20, 2012 11:14 AM
Wild Dunes Tennis Center recently hosted a Run/Roll Wheelchair Tennis Exhibition to kickoff the USTA South Carolina Annual Meeting held at Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms.
The Run/Roll format partners a wheelchair player (roll) with an able-bodied partner (run). The all-star cast of players included nationally-ranked Men’s A No. 9 Harlon Matthews from McDonough, Ga., and Columbia, S.C.’s Jim Hinson, who was inducted into the USTA South Carolina Hall of Fame over the weekend.
Matthews and Hinson took on Bob Masella, also from Columbia, and Wild Dunes Tennis Director Charly Rasheed. Rasheed was named the South Carolina Player of the Year in 2011 and Masella, nationally ranked as high as #5, was a pioneer for wheelchair players by joining USTA League. He has been playing USTA League for more than 10 years, has gone to sectionals, and was voted League Captain of the Year.
The South Carolina Wheelchair Tennis Committee arranged the exhibition to help promote the integration of wheelchair players into general play. After the exhibition, Masella and Matthews played in a round robin with 16 other attendees, getting a chance to play against or with each other.
Wheelchair tennis is played with the same rules, with only one majorexception. The wheelchair player may take two bounces before hitting the ball. The first bounce must be inside the court lines, but the second bounce does not.
"This makes for some very exciting play," said Julie Jilly, USTA South Carolina Wheelchair Committee member and event emcee. "These chair players are masters of the angle. And those angles, along with the extra bounce, make for some very amazing points!"
Matthews is a Certified Tennis Professional and a PTR Clinician, who travels the country teaching tennis pros how to teach wheelchair tennis. Matthews will be conducting an Instructing Wheelchair Tennis Workshop on Hilton Head Island on May 1, and again on Sept. 15.
To find out more about how to become certified to teach wheelchair tennis or to host and exhibition or workshop, contact Jilly, julie@ptrtennis.org, 800-421-6289.



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