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Junior Tournament Winners in June 2017

May 24, 2017 09:12 AM

Click here for the list of 2017 Level 1-4 Southern junior tournaments.

Level 1

Mobile, AL

June 10-17

Boys 18 Singles

Britton Johnston

Girls 18 Singles

Alyvia Jones

Boys 18 Doubles

Harvey Maughan

Gaston Muhammad

Girls 18 Doubles

Maggie Cubitt

Thea Rice

Level 1

Little Rock, AR 

June 10-17

Boys 16 Singles

Joshua Raab

Girls 16 Singles

Margaret Polk

Boys 16 Doubles

Scott Sculley

Reilly Wilson

Girls 16 Doubles

Avery Dunham

Anna Ross

Level 1

Macon, GA

June 10-17

Boys 14 Singles

Maxwell Smith

Girls 14 Singles

Carri Hayes

Boys 14 Doubles

Matthew Rundle

Rohan Sachdev

Boys 14 Doubles

Allie Gretkowski

Alexandra Torre

Level 1

Cary, NC

June 10-17

Boys 12 Singles

Lincoln Battle

Girls 12 Singles

Maeve Thorton

Boys 12 Doubles

Ethan Carr

Andrew Delgado

Girls 12 Doubles

Eleanor Coleman

Piper Charney

Level 1
Baton Rouge, LA 

June 10-12    

Boys 10 Singles

Jeff Nguyen

Girls 10 Singles

Alanis Hamilton

Boys 10 Doubles

Grant Deshotels

Jeff Nguyen

Girls 10 Doubles

Avery Lewis

Ella Mancuso

Level 1
Tuscaloosa, AL 

June 10-12

Boys 10 Singles

Joey Drouillard

Girls 10 Singles

Elizabeth Fauchet

Boys 10 Doubles

Richard LaLance

Bodie Raidt

Girls 10 Doubles

Ellie Hammond

Hayley Klein

Level 1
Cayce, SC

June 9-12 

Boys 10 Singles

Srikar Polisetty

Girls 10 Singles

Sara Shumate

Boys 10 Doubles

Noah Johnston

Gibson Goodroe

Girls 10 Doubles

Lauren Harrelson

Ayla Vilagomez






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