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Champions crowned at 18U National Championships

October 23, 2016 03:36 PM

Tamarah Strauss, special to USTA.com

Coach David Drew of Universal Tennis Academy says:

This was my first hands-on experience with JTT, and I was blown away with excitement it created.  I have been coaching USTA juniors for 25 years and this event introduced me to a new way to coach kids. There are more than enough tournaments for kids to enter and they often becomes stale to junior players. JTT is the perfect way for them to learn the game of tennis and compete as a team.  The fact that it includes kids of all ages and abilities makes it even more attractive. The USTA staff that ran the event did a fantastic job making all of the teams feel welcome and excited. From the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies the JTT Nationals was first rate and I look forward to staying involved for years to come.

CAYCE, S.C. – The USTA’s Mid-Atlantic’s Advengers squad claimed back-to-back national titles at the 2016 USTA 18U Junior Team Tennis National Championships in the Intermediate division, while the USTA’s Southern’s SDUTA, Inc., captured a title in the Advanced division at the Cayce Tennis Center on Sunday. 

The Advengers, of Columbia, Md., who won the 2015 18U Intermediate title, defeated the Greens of Oklahoma City, Okla., 51-38, to hold onto the national championship title for another year. 

“It is incredible, no better feeling,” said Advengers coach Jackson Tsai. “They did exceptionally well, they came together as a team and won together as a team, there really is nothing else to say.” 

The Advengers consists of Alexandre Nazaire (Ellicott City, Md.), Amanda Grebosky (Reisterstown, Md.), Andrew Tsai (Ellicott City), Brooke Santoriello (Bel Air, Md.), Christopher Chen (Ellicott City), Lilianna Izadi (Eldersburg, Md.), Matthew Sklar (Tuscon, Ariz.), Olivia Tsai (Ellicott City), Prateek Swamykumar (Clarksville, Md.), Rhoil Bahri (Ellicott City), Ryan Lundergan (Ellicott City), Snigdha Puram (Elkridge) and Tess Weber (Ellicott City). 

“I think it was an incredible weekend and I am really proud of how the team played,” said Santoriello. “They played amazing and they did what we had to do and I did what I had to do to pull out the victory. Yesterday, after we won the semifinals of our mixed doubles match was definitely the turning point, where everyone was like this is what we came here to do, let’s finish it, and that is what we did.” 

In the Advanced final, Southern’s SDUTA, Inc., based out of Atlanta, claimed its victory against the Mid-Atlantic’s DMV Elite team, 57-29. 

“It was an unbelievable experience, and I am so proud of the team and how they played and fought all weekend,” said SDUTA, Inc., coach David Drew. “It’s always fun to watch the kids and see what they learn on the court. Today was just awesome, they were able to wake up early in some cold weather and come out all fired up, it was so inspiring to be a part of as their coach.”

SDUTA, Inc., consists of Anders Fry (Roswell, Ga.), Andrei Duarte (Atlanta), Carly Briggs (Calhoun, Ga.), Carol Elizabeth Kerman (Atlanta), Cole Heller (Woodstock, Ga.), Grant Williford (Woodstock, Ga.), Hannah Hutchings (Woodstock, Ga.), Jake Briggs (Calhoun, Ga.), Mallory Gilmer (Woodstock, Ga.).

“We came together last fall and we never thought we would make it this far, but we did and we are so happy,” said Duarte who is captain of the team. “I thought everyone played pretty well, everyone contributed where they needed to and we all played together as one unit.”

Taking third place in the Advanced division was the Mid-Atlantic WC Tuckahoe Raptors, who got past Southern WC’s Pros and Cons, 48-25. Capturing third in the Intermediate division was Missouri Valley’s Lafortune, who beat Eastern’s Big Hitters, 56-27.



Southern (SDUTA, Inc.) def. Mid-Atlantic (DMV Elite) 57-29

Third-Place Match

Mid-Atlantic WC (Tuckahoe Raptors) def. Southern WC (Pros and Cons) 48-25

Fifth-Place Match

Texas (ATA Dream Team) def. Northern California (BayClub Courtside) 49-46

Seventh-Place Match

Midwest (RCC) def. Midwest WC (The Surpreme Court) 57-38

Ninth-Place Match

Northern (Fridley) def. Missouri Valley (Sunset Slayers) 59-19

11th-Place Match

Southern WC (Cedar Bluff Racquet Club White) def. New England (North Shore Legends) 48-34

13th-Place Match

Pacific Northwest (Tennis in the Rain) def. Hawaii Pacific (Pearl Harbor Strike) 45-44

15-Place Match

Pacific Northwest (Evergreen) def. Southwest (Fire Turtles) 49-29

Advanced Sportsmanship Awards

Girls: Caitlin Arce, Hawaii (Pearl Harbor Strike) 

Boys: Aaron Yuan, Pacific Northwest (Tennis in the Rain)

Team Spirit Award: New England (North Shore Legends) 

Best Team Banner Award: Southern WC (Pros and Cons)



Mid-Atlantic (Advengers) def. Missouri Valley (Greens) 51-38

Third-Place Match

Missouri Valley (Lafortune) def. Eastern (Big Hitters) 56-27

Fifth-Place Match

Caribbean (Puerto Rico Tennis Academy) def. Southern (Servivors) 50-29

Seventh-Place Match

Southwest (Team ATA) def. Eastern WC (Hardscrabble) 48-37

Ninth-Place Match

Northern (B.O.D.) def. Middle States (Tennis Addiction) 52-40

11th-Place Match

Southern WC (Summerville Seahawks) def. Pacific Northwest (WRACoons) 50-36

13th-Place Match

Northern California WC (Youth Tennis Advantage) def. New England (Long/Chaug) 46-42

15th-Place Match

Northern California (Los Gatos Tennis Academy) def. Texas (ACE 10S) 54-38

Intermediate Sportsmanship Awards

Girls: Dina Rigas, Eastern (Big Hitters) 

Boys: Maxwell Ho, Northern California (Youth Tennis Advantage) 

Team Spirit Award: Northern (B.O.D)

Best Team Banner Award: Pacific Northwest (WRACoons)




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