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Awards & Achievements, July 2018

June 7, 2018 11:52 AM

Southern players and organizations are constantly making their mark in the world of tennis. Here's a list of recent awards, achievements and news in July 2018.


14s & 16s Intersectional teams win national tournaments

USTA Southern Intersectional teams of top-rated juniors won two national titles.

The 16s defeated USTA Midwest 5-4 at the Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club in Shreveport, LA. The 14s defeated USTA Southern California at the Yarbrough Tennis Center in Auburn, AL. Chris Brandi from Louisiana coached the 16s and Randy Pate from South Carolina coached the 14s. Carson Tanguilig, of Alpharetta, GA, was named the Sportsmanship winner for the 16s.

The 14 team is pictured at right: left to right, front row: Carri Hayes, SC; Whitley Pate, SC; Ann Wright-Guerry, GA; Maeve Thorton, TN. Back row: James Delgado, NC; Will Mayhew, NC; coach Randy Pate, Waleed Qadir, NC; Nicholas Heng, AL.

Team members on the 16s (in photo above but not in order) were: front row: Gracie Mulville, GA; Carson Tanguilig, GA; Anna Ross, SC;  Jenna Thompson, NC; Back row: Keshav Chopra, GA; Welsh Hotard, LA; Ben, Koch, LA; JJ Tracy, SC.

Jensen brothers Grand Slam win remembered

Outrageous may be the best word to describe a pair of Atlanta brothers who seemed to break every convention while winning the French Open men's double title 25 years ago.

They were Luke and Murphy Jensen, members of one of Atlanta's most notable tennis families.

Here is the first paragraph of the story on ATPWorldTour.com: Two free-spirited American brothers, obsessed with football and hard rock put doubles front and centre as they lifted the 1993 Roland Garros trophy. Twenty-five years on, they spoke exclusively to ATPWorldTour.com.




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