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Help us Maintain the Integrity of League Tennis!

July 1, 2004 12:09 PM

The USTA Southern Section asks all players, captains, coordinators, tennis professionals and volunteers to join the campaign to keep the NTRP levels intact and maintain the integrity of league tennis!

Now into the second year of Dynamic NTRP, the USTA Southern Section is addressing increasing concerns regarding self-rating abuses by new players entering league programs.

Current Concerns:

  • In many cases, captains have instigated self-rating abuses by players.
  • The current NTRP Guidelines do not adequately address the upper skill levels in determining entry levels for current or former college tennis players, teaching professionals and/or playing professionals.
  • Players and captains mistakenly believe that self-rating one level too low is somehow “okay.”

Actions Taken (Effective Immediately):
Due to the increase in the number of Self-Rate NTRP Grievances that have been filed and a change to the USTA Interpretation that allows grievances to be filed against players who self-rate at one NTRP level when the player’s actual skill level is at the top of the next NTRP level or higher, the USTA Southern Section is taking the following action:

  • The nine states in the USTA Southern Section have adopted the USTA Southern Section Elite Player Guidelines as a tool for Self-Rate NTRP Grievance Committee decisions.
  • These guidelines will be made available to players and captains for future self-rating considerations.
  • The Self-Rate NTRP Grievance Committees decisions against players and captains may include but are not limited to disqualification, reversal of matches, suspension from league play or other league sanctions.
  • The USTA Southern Section has adopted a Protocol for Filing Self-Rate NTRP Grievances (which has also been adopted by the USTA) for states to determine if the evidence provided in the complaint meets the criteria to go to a Self-Rate NTRP Grievance Committee.
  • State League Coordinators (or their designee) will receive Self-Rate NTRP Grievances and forward valid complaints to Self-Rate NTRP Grievance Committees. Self-Rate NTRP Grievance and Grievance Appeal Committee members shall be approved by the USTA Southern Section.

Other Items of Importance:

  • The USTA Southern Section will continue to make recommendations to USTA to consider preventative solutions to self-rating abuses such as approval of self-ratings for former or current college tennis players, teaching professionals and playing professionals.
  • All players who are self-rating to enter a USTA Southern Section league program are instructed to consider their on court performance, tennis background, age, physical condition and comparisons to current league players when determining their self-rating. They should choose the higher level when unsure of where they will be most compatible and competitive.
  • The great majority of league players would NEVER intentionally or knowingly self-rate too low, “tank” matches or try to gain an unfair advantage. The small number of players and captains who will resort to these tactics seem to believe they “are getting away” with this form of cheating. Our existing league players need to help us create a culture where this is not encouraged but truly seen as a detriment to league tennis.
  • The majority of league players with a computer rating that is admittedly too low for their actual skill level should seek better competition by playing at a higher level than their computer rating.

Any feedback and/or recommendations should be sent to:
Marilyn Sherman, USTA Southern Section Director of Adult Tennis
3850 Holcomb Bridge Road, Ste. 305
Norcross, GA 30092
770-368-8200 or email:

Additional Information:
USTA Southern Section Elite Player Guidelines




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