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Chattanooga Hosts Most Competitive USA League Tennis Southern Sectional Mixed Doubles Championships Ever!

October 21, 2002 12:10 PM

What could be more competitive than having fourteen of sixteen round robin groups undecided going into the last round!?

The competition this weekend was UNBELIEVABLE! So many team matches were decided on the last court in a match tiebreak! Congratulations to all 800 players in Chattanooga for advancing to the Sectional Championships out of the 28,000 mixed doubles players in the nine southern states!

Once again, it was heaven sent to be in Chattanooga where 23 indoor courts were made available on Sunday. Huge thanks to Hixson Racquet Club, The Baylor School, Girls Preparatory School, and Manker Patten for saving the day! The players thoroughly enjoyed the good weather and GREAT outdoor facilities at the Champions Club, Rivermont Park, Baylor, and Girls Preparatory School.

The Chattanooga Tennis Association, led by President and Tournament Chairman Jane Young, offered exceptional amenities in addition to their unbeatable Southern hospitality! Thanks to our volunteers for the weekend: Sidni Wheatcroft, Terry Brown, Julie Butterworth, Ruby Tatum, Pat Wilson, Rich Wilson, Larry Matthews, Cissy Baker, Johnny Massey, Charles Dolan, Jeff Bodkin, Alice Smalley, Nancy Brannan, Martha Lagod, Joann Epperson, Cindy Beal, Glynda Warren, Peggy Gaddis, Geoff Young, Jean McKamey, Pam Clark, Skeeta Swanson and Sue Dolan for giving us their time and plentiful smiles at our tournament desks!

Also thanks to our FANTASTIC Southern volunteers for the weekend: Bee Stewart (MS), Bonnie Vandegrift (NC), Karl Keesecker (TN), RuthAnne Bendall (AL), Jerrie Ciza (AL). Bonnie stayed even though her mother fell and was hospitalized during the event and Jerrie came as a player and pinched in all weekend as a volunteer. Thanks to our GREAT Southern staff members working the event: Dene Owen, Adult Events Coordinator, and our IT and communications folks who provided website coverage: Hal Regi, Marc Kaplan and Tiffany Geller. Don’t forget we want your stories on our website: go to www.southerntennis.com and click on “Game, Set, Story” and type away!

Barbara Brewer, President of the USTA Southern Section, attended the event and enjoyed seeing the team camaraderie and intense competition!

Thanks to Zan Guerry and Chattem, Inc. for the much appreciated ICY HOT patches for all of the players and your long-standing sponsorship and support of USA League Tennis! Also thanks to our national sponsors: Lincoln, Citizen and Penn for the great door prizes!

The player party at the Choo Choo was enjoyed by all, but probably mostly by my sister Mickey (Tournament Staff in Charge of Weather) who “twisted” the night away! Speaking of the player party, Chattanooga is offering their exceptional Tennessee Aquarium for next year’s event!

Good luck to all of our teams advancing to the Regional Championships, Nov. 8-10 in Shreveport, LA!

Hope you all had a fantastic time in Chattanooga! If you have any suggestions for next year, please email me at Sherman@sta.usta.com We strive to make each Sectional Championships the best ever!

Marilyn Sherman

Director of Adult Tennis

USTA Southern Section




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