Team of the Week for 9-30-02: Huntsville, AL 3.5 Women

September 25, 2002 11:48 AM

"It's all good." That is the motto of the Southern Section Champion Huntsville, Alabama Women's 3.5 team. The motto keeps the team upbeat and optimistic about both tennis and life in general. They went on to prove that the team itself is "all good", as they took home the USA League Tennis Southern Sectional Women's 3.5 Championship in July.

The team of Jerrita Barnes, Diane Bryant, Kimberly Chandler, Sandy Harbin, Jan Llewlyn, Regina Light, Vickie Mello, Cheryl Meyer, Christy Moorer, Sherri Shamwell, Lynne Starnes, Becky Stevens, and Debbie Weaver is captained by Cathy Johnson, and has, for the most part, been together for three and a half years. "We usually qualify for the Alabama state tournament, but have never won it at 3.5 before," said Lynn Starnes. Four members of the team played in last year's USA League Tennis Nationals at the 3.0 level, so this is by no means an inexperienced team.

At this year's Sectional Championships, the team was tied at two courts apiece with their opponents in both the semifinal and final rounds, with one singles match still undecided. In both instances, Kimberly Clark was playing singles in the deciding matches, and both times she came through with a victory in the match tiebreak after splitting the first two sets.

While they certainly play to win on the court, the Huntsville team is anything but all business. They have an annual Christmas party, and go out for lunch or dinner at Tia's, a Tex-Mex restaurant near the courts they play on. When asked about their upcoming trip to Tucson for Nationals, Starnes said, "We're really looking forward to playing and competing, but relaxing and having fun in the hot tub at the hotel is going to be great too. Hopefully we'll win the tournament!"

Debbie Weaver, Regina Light, Cathy Johnson, Jeretta Barnes, Lynne Starnes, Kimberly Chandler, Vickie Mello, Christy Moorer, Diane Bryant, Cheryl Meyer