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Team of the Week for 9-16-02: Columbus (GA) Red Hot Mamas

September 16, 2002 09:10 AM

Let's see...The term "red hot" can mean so many different things. A red hot is a spicy cinnamon candy that burns your mouth, and a red hot ember in a fire is about as hot as it gets. So exactly where did this team pick up the name "Red Hot Mamas"? When asked, Julie Chapman, captain of the Columbus, Georgia 4.5 Women's Sectional Championship team, said, "In 2001, we were winning so many matches that someone said we were 'red hot', and we decided to nickname ourselves the Red Hot Mamas. Now we put our nickname on everything from t-shirts to thermoses!"

The Columbus, GA 4.5 Women's team has plenty of experience in big matches. After all, they won the Georgia State Championship in 2001, and went on to finish fourth at last year's USA League Tennis Sectional Championships. However, after they went undefeated during the 2002 season and won the state title again this year, they knew they had a chance to take home the Sectional Championship. Back-to-back state titles was quite an accomplishment, but they wanted to go further. As the Women's 4.5 Southern Section Champion, they certainly have gone further, and will now take their red-hot streak to San Diego for the USA League Tennis National Championships in October.

If you saw this team at the 2002 Sectional Championships, you probably saw them with three fingers in the air. The symbol is the shape of a "W", which represents their "We Will Win" motto. The team, made up of Julie Chapman, Cardy Burdette, Martha Dicus, Penny Dillon, Nora Garrard, Lowry Hardesty, Julia Harris, Hiroko Nakamura, Charlotte Parmer, Nita Perry, Barbara Pope, Jeri Stewart, Neca Stoller, Nancy Waldrep, and Dorenda Weaver, is a close-knit one. Not only do they practice and play matches together, but they have parties and even go to the beach together. "We cheer a lot for each other - it makes whoever is out there know that people are pulling for them," Chapman says.

Keep up the hot streak, ladies!

Women's 4.5, Columbus Red Hot Mamas - Sectional Champions



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