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Team of the Week for 9-9-02: Cedar Forest (NC) Tarheels

September 9, 2002 03:58 PM

A five-year dream becomes reality next month when the Cedar Forest 3.5 Senior Men's team from Charlotte, North Carolina, competes in the USA League Tennis National Championships in Palm Springs, California.

Getting to the national championships has been the ultimate goal for the Cedar Forest team (aka the Tarheels), and one that it realized by winning the USA Team Tennis Southern Sectional Championships in Louisville, Kentucky in July. The road to Palm Springs, however, has not been an easy one.

The first major obstacle came at the District Championships, where the Tarheels had to face an Asheville, NC team that had eliminated them from the State Finals each of the previous two years. After two hotly contested matches that went down to the wire, the Tarheels emerged victorious and went on to win the State Championship and ultimately the Sectional Championship with a 2-1 victory over a team from Atlanta.

Cedar Forest is a small tennis club on Charlotte's south side, and has sent it's 3.5 Senior Men's team to the state tournament four of the last five years. The team is comprised of men aged 51 to 72, and they take their tennis games very seriously. Captain Jim Jones, Cary Campbell, Jeff Smith, Elmer Gau, Frank Herr, Tom Eubanks, Pete Kornicki, and Bob Robinson have, for the most part, played together for several years. Whether at practice or in tournament play, this team is extremely competitive.

The team plans on a great outing in Palm Springs, and their families will be there to cheer them on. Although the men come from all walks of life, they share several common bonds: their absolute love of tennis, an undiminshed desire to improve, and a fierce determination to win. Says Jones, "This trip to Nationals is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have fun, socialize with each other, and win this highly coveted trophy and title. We're going for it!"

Senior Men's 3.5, Cedar Forest Tarheels - Southern Sectional Champions



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