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Creative and Fun Ways to Improve Balance

July 12, 2007 04:39 PM

By: Dr. Robert Heller

Balance is such a crucial skill to be able to strike the ball correctly, move efficiently and reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Most of the time we “talk” about the importance of balance but rarely “do” anything about it.

Here is a “game” you can play to work on your balance skills. It’s based on the idea of a “relay “ race.

Set up: Two groups of equal players standing behind the doubles baselines. One group on the deuce side and the other on the add side.

Each person is assigned a particular skill to perform moving from the baseline to the net and back again while staying within the doubles alley. When they return to the baseline the next person goes performing their assigned skill.

Here are examples of balance related skills that can be used:

1.Walking directly on the sideline heel to toe.


3.Single leg hopping

4.Side shuffles


6.Bounding from leg to leg

7.Running forwards to the net and backwards from the net.

8.Frog jumps (both legs) forwards

9.Walking on your heels

10.Walking on your toes

First team to complete all the exercises is the winner.

Be creative and have fun. Develop and select exercises that you can do safely and correctly. Focus on safety and good form over speed.

If you have balance games or skills you would like to add, contact me and we will share them at a later date.




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