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Columbus, GA Serves It Up for Super Seniors!

February 18, 2003 09:18 AM

The following are final thoughts and observations from Marilyn Sherman, Director of Adult Tennis for the USTA Southern Section.

The 2002 USTA Southern Super Seniors Sectional Championships this past weekend in Columbus, GA, featured 84 teams with 700 players from our nine states in Men’s and Women’s 60s and 70s competition.

Last ball hit: Monday, February 17th, 2:59 pm…After two beautiful, sunny, warm days on Friday and Saturday, our luck ran dry and Sunday was WET! These Seniors are Super for many reasons and ATTITUDE is number one!

Congratulations to our Champions and Finalists:

Men’s 60 3.0
AR (Hot Springs Village) d SC (Hilton Head) 2-1

Men’s 60 3.5
SC (Charleston) d NC (Charlotte) 2-1

Men’s 60 4.0
AR (Little Rock) d NC (Charlotte) 2-1

Men’s 60 4.5
SC (Greenville) won Round Robin 3-0; MS (Jackson) came in second place

Men’s 70 3.0
MS (Jackson) won Round Robin 3-1; LA (Slidell) came in second place

Men’s 70 3.5
SC (Hilton Head) d AL (Gulf Shores) 3-0

Men’s 70 4.0
SC (Seabrook Island) won Round Robin; MS (Gulf Coast) came in second place

Women’s 60 3.0
SC (Hilton Head Island) def. TN (withdrew)

Women’s 60 3.5
LA B (New Orleans) d AR (Little Rock) 2-1

Women’s 60 4.0
SC (Hilton Head) d AL (Huntsville) 3-0

Women’s 60 4.5
AL (Birmingham-Tuscaloosa) won Round Robin; TN came in second place

Women’s 70 3.0
SC (Clemson) won Round Robin; MS came in second place


The Tournament Chairman, Ken Smith organized an army of volunteers to offer a first class event! Cooper Creek Tennis Center is the largest public clay court tennis facility in the South and also one of the most beautiful! The players were so impressed with the hospitality of the volunteers from the local community tennis association (CORTA) that received state, sectional and national awards in 2002 as Community Tennis Association of the Year!

Special thanks to the staff of Cooper Creek Tennis Center, Nita Perry and Mark Ruzeski and Director of Tennis Roger Pearce as well as CORTA staff Judy Pearce and local coordinator Beth Lakanpal. Helen Martin, President of CORTA was on hand all weekend to give moral support to the troops and players in every way!

Mary V. Blackmon organized registration and Brenda & Gene Oswalt coordinated volunteers including Lee Kent, Barbara Farish, Fred & Georgia Wise, Sloan Perry, Shannon Quick, Beth Lakanpal, Judy & Bernie Ostervold, Nancy Scott, Inge Seibert, Sandra Rogers, Aileen Mooney, Chris Cartegena, Mary Elsie Martin, Dixie Crymes, George Panos, Esther Smith, Jane Smith, Janie Worthington, and Marie Arnold.

Kudos to court crew Ignacio Camacho, Robert Schmidt, Matt Edmonson, Devon Konn, Mike Dorchak, Martha Santana, Sarah Cassman, Lauren Neill, Brian Garber, Bill Nick, and Daniel Harden (who was a Mississippi women’s 70 player’s hero for helping her to her car in the pouring rain), and Erin Hamilton. Thanks to Gary Ruzeski for many trip to buy extra hot chocolate and coffee on Monday when the temperatures dropped. Columbus Regional SportsCare were superb handling our trainer needs and even offered screening tests!

Thanks also to Bud Spencer, Southern’s Adult League Committee Vice Chairman and Chairman of Sectional Championships Subcommittee who attended to gain player feedback on the Super Seniors program. Dene Owen, Southern’s Adult Events Coordinator was as usual a tremendous asset in every way!

A special thanks to Keith Ferda, Director of Tennis at Spring Lake Racquet Club on Hilton Head Island who was here to coach the W60 3.0 SC team and offered to pitch in to get the courts ready Monday morning!

The player party brought out talent beyond our player’s on court abilities! Here are some of the Team Karaoke entries:

From the Spring Chickens of Hilton Head, SC:
Don’t you see that team a comin’, comin’ around the curve
Stopping at every station

Straining every nerve
You better get those chickens ready – prepare to get on board
Our feathers are going to be ruffled after a while

This team is bound for glory
This team, This team is bound for glory, this team
This team is bound for glory,
Don’t carry nothing but the acers and the lobbers

This team is bound for glory this team
This team don’t carry no stragglers, this team don’t carry no stragglers
This team, This team
Don’t carry no stragglers no crap shooters no big eyed ramblers this team
Don’t carry no stragglers this team…this team…this team

This team is leavin in the morning …thiiiiiis team!
Wow oh ow this team is leaving in the morning thiiiiis team! This team is leaving in the morning….

Great God a new day is dawning this team….is leavin’ in the mornin’ this team..this team, this TEAM!!!!

From Dalton, GA W3.5 60s:
We are the team from Georgia
We can smiling into town
But after we had played a match
Our smiles turned into frowns
But we kept on playing cause our hope did still abound
Our team kept playing on…..

When we played our second match
Our hopes we still held high
But when we went down in defeat
We simply wondered why
Even when we didn’t win
We still said we would try
As our team kept playing on…

Each day to the courts we came
Cause tennis is our game
Even when there was no win
We played on just the same
Cause when you are a senior though
You may be stiff and lame
You still keep playing on

Glory, Glory, if we live we’ll play next year
Glory, Glory, if we live we’ll play next year
Glory, Glory, if we live we’ll play next year
As our team keeps playing on…

From Knoxville, TN W3.5 60s:
You pick your racket up
And you grab a can of balls
You hit the tennis courts
Instead of shopping at the malls
We’re Super Senior Women
We’re from Knoxville Tennessee
And that’s how it’s gonna be!
Woo Woo!

Sometimes we put the ball away
And then sometimes we just will not
But we will always play
With everything we got
We’re Super Senior Women
We’re from Knoxville Tennessee
And that’s how it’s gonna be!
Woo! Woo!

Charlotte’s our “Whup Ass” Captain
And she’s as mean as she can be
She pull out the rope and then she’ll
Throw away the key
We’re Super Senior Women
We’re from Knoxville Tennessee
And that’s how it’s going to be!
Woo! Woo!


I'M THE SOUTH, Paul Ott and Lynda Carruth, @2003, Published By Dixie Springs Music BMI
I'm the Little Rock of Arkansas
The Smokey Mountains and a crosscut saw
Louisiana cooking and a watermelon vine
I'm a tall Georgia pine
And Georgia's on my mind
I'm the Tennessee Waltz and all night sings
The Memphis Indoor and the Mississippi Queen
I'm Roscoe Tanner and the old folks at home
I'm Clingman's Dome

Why, I'm the stars that fell on Alabam'
I'm coffee in the morning
And an old smoked ham
I'm a Carolina moon, a dusty delta dawn
Magnolias in bloom
I'm a thoroughbred grazing on Kentucky bluegrass
I'm coonhounds, bird dogs and tea of sassafras
I'm the Mississippi River as it rounds the bend
I'm Gone With the Wind
Y'all come back again

I'm hanging moss on a live oak tree
Southern fried chicken and a cypress knee
Why, I'm the birth of the blues in New Orleans
The land of dreams
And I'm a catfish a' jumpin' in a cool clear stream
I'm an antebellum home on the Natchez Trace
A rusty plow on the old home place
Azaleas a' blooming in beautiful Mobile
The Dorothy Vest Family
Derby Day in Louisville

That Southern hospitality in Charleston and in Raleigh
Peachtree Street and Hilton Head Beach
I'm Slew Hester and his Flushing Meadow's Dream
Chanda Rubin and the grace she brings
Well, I'm everything good you've ever dreamed about

Paul Ott, MS Men’s 60 4.0, sang his famous song “I am the South” with a tennis twist at the end!

This event returns to Columbus next year and we hope to see you all again! Please go out and recruit some more Super Seniors players…five years ago we had 400 and last year it exploded to 4,000!




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