Suspension Point For Withdrawal From Tournament

March 23, 2010 04:07 PM

In January, 2010, a letter was sent to the top 500 of each Junior age group (12-18s), that included a new policy in regards to withdrawals/defaults from a tournament.

The policy is as follows:

“There has been a growing concern with the number of withdrawals from tournaments after the entry deadline and, more specifically, within seven days of the tournament’s start. This has caused extra time, effort, and stress to the tournament committee leading up to the event. With the withdrawals during the tournament, mainly back draw, this has caused unnecessary expenses to opponents. With this in mind, in fairness to all participants, anyone withdrawing from a tournament within seven days prior to the start of the tournament, throughout the end of the tournament, for whatever reason, will be given one (1) suspension point.  If a suspension ultimately occurs, these points may be appealed with proper support.”

The decision was to have the approved policy out there giving people time to get prepared. 

The policy will take effect, April 1, 2010. Anyone withdrawing from a tournament, after 7 days prior to the tournament, and throughout the tournament, for whatever reason, will be penalized one suspension point.