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22 Southern Locations For Campus Kids' Day

March 4, 2010 04:16 PM

There are 22 locations scheduled for Campus Kids Days activites in USTA Southern through April 24. Click for a listing of these sites.

Campus Kids Days: What are they?

  • Campus Kids Days are designed to expose more junior players (and their parents and coaches) to college tennis varsity team matches.
  • College coaches will select a team match that the local community are encouraged to attend.
  • Food and refreshments will be provided for all attending.
  • Fans will be encouraged to participate in a variety of promotional activities such as raffles, exhibition matches, fast-serve contests, autograph signings, clinics, etc.
  • Attendance, food, refreshments, and promotions are free!

The Role of the USTA’s office of Junior & Collegiate Competition:

  • Provide staff administrative support to assist with promotional materials as well as handle questions and paperwork.
  • Coordinate dates with USTA Section Staff and volunteer sectional collegiate committee.
  • Connect college coaches with USTA Section Staff and sectional collegiate committee.
  • Promote events on USTA Sectional websites and connect to college team sites and the ITA website.
  • Promote events on the USTA College Tennis website.
  • Provide a stipend of $75 to the varsity program after completion of the event--to defray costs of food, refreshments, and promotions.

The Role of the College Coach:

  • Select varsity team matches for consideration for a Campus Kids Day and submit to the office of Junior & Collegiate Competition.
  • Clear event and promotions with compliance office.
  • Work with USTA National and Sectional staff and sectional collegiate committee on event promotion.
  • Forward promotional flyer, final headcount, and receipts to USTA National office upon completion.

Benefits of these Events:

  • PLAYER DEVELOPMENT Getting more junior players (the future college stars) on college campuses at a young age—exposing them to the fun and excitement of college tennis.
  • INCREASED FAN BASE: Filling stadiums and bleachers with juniors, their parents, and coaches.
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH & ADVOCACY: Helping build stronger ties between college programs (coach and players), their USTA section, and the local tennis community.

More Information:
Click here to access the 2010 Campus Kids' Day Schedule in the Southern Section.

College Coaches looking to host events, click here to access the registration form

Compliance Reminder:

  • Campus Kids’ Days and any promotions are open to ALL attending (so that any attending prospects ARE NOT receiving extra benefits)
  • Coaches should work with their compliance office to gain clearance for their event and subsequent programming.  The examples listed are just that, examples, and should be examined and approved by each institutions compliance office.




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