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First 8U Jr. Team Tennis Championships Held

November 16, 2009 03:02 PM

 8U Jr. Team Tennis Harrison Tennis Center

Harrison, Racquet Club of the South host 8-and-Under Jr. Team Tennis Championships

The first-ever Georgia 8 and Under Junior Team Tennis Regional League Championships got under way at Harrison TC, Marietta, GA, on a beautiful November morning. Four teams from Cherokee, Marietta and Atlanta gathered for Georgia’s inaugural regional championship—Vinings Estates (Rachal), Harrison TC (Hermann), Eagle Watch (DeVargis) and Eagle Watch (Marchetti).

When the dust cleared Saturday, the team from Eagle Watch (DeVargis), had come in first place with 122 team points, and Vinings Estates had come in second. But there were no losers at the tournament as families gathered to watch children and siblings play tennis on a spectacularly beautiful late fall day.

Melanie Oudin, the 18-year-old former world #2-ranked junior and 2009 US Open quarterfinalist who trains at Racquet Club of the South (RCS), in Norcross, GA, joined about 40 8U JTT competitors, and numerous parents and siblings at the second Junior Team Tennis (JTT) Regional League Championship RCS on a beautiful November morning. 

The second of Georgia’s inaugural 8U JTT regional championships. Eight teams from the Atlanta metro area, as well as Athens, gathered. There were two teams from the Athens COTA League (Athens-Bowen, Athens-Beck), one team from Roswell (E Roswell Park-Julian), three teams from Norcross (RCS-Nealy, RCS-Doyle and RCS-Dreaden, one from Atlanta (Bitsy Grant-Mauldin), and one team from Grayson (Wheatfields).

When the dust cleared Saturday, Mary Doyle's RCS team had won and Steve Nealy's RCS team had come in second. Runners up were Lisa Bowen's Athens-COTA, Debbie Beck's Athens-COTA teams. But there were no losers at the tournament as families gathered to watch children and siblings play tennis on a spectacularly beautiful late fall day.

“Junior Team Tennis is always a real family affair,” says Mary Dillon, USTA Georgia’s Junior Team Tennis (JTT) state league coordinator. “This is the first year for an 8U championship,” says Mary, who organized the tournament. “Eventually, I’d like to see four regions in the state, but we’re starting with just two this year.” A total of 12 teams competed in the first-ever 8U championships over two weekends, Nov. 7 and 14.

 8U J. Team Tennis Melanie Oudin




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