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MyTennisNetwork Connects Parents, Players With Junior Tournaments

June 30, 2009 09:51 AM


How can a tennis parent keep the many junior tournaments their child is playing in any sembelance of order? What are the deadlines for entry? Where are the hotels in the city and where can I get a map of restaurants? What are the rankings of their opponents?

While you can visit a myriad of sites to get this information, one site provides a gateway to deal with the many demands of supporting a top junior player.

That site is www.mytennisnetwork.com.

Sometimes it takes a Mom with two promising players to get the ball rolling. Louise Fahys, president of Code A Site in Cary, N.C., dreamed up this simple idea: Make a web site to support the many needs of blossoming juniors and their parents.

Mytennisnetwork.com takes official tournament and ranking information from USTA sources and filters them through a site which builds your personal calendar of prospective and entered tournaments. Additionally, players are filtered and ranked for your state and section, along with national rankings.

When you are viewing a tournament, the site provides links to hotels, restaurants and tennis facilities in host city. Within minutes you can quickly gauge the level of competition, location, amenities and other factors that help you decide if your player and family will make the trip. Some online maps will be customized to include all tournament sites and other unique traits of the host city.

Some of the features planned include blogs, a search for a doubles partners throughout the country without giving away your e-mail address and giving the coaches the ability to quickly follow players’ results from weekend tournaments.

“It’s our intention for players and parents to make the process easier. The site is a resource for them to get the information they need to make their junior player’s career a success,” Fahys said. “The site is as much about the kids as possible. With our blogs, they’re going to learn about the training habits of other players. They can learn about the experience of other players who are recruited for college. It’s an avenue to understand the process and give kids access to this important information.”

A free 30-day trial subscription is available. Thirty days after you join, a charge of $4.99 a month is levied until the subscription is canceled. Mytennisnetwork.com is offering travel discounts and will donate part of the site’s proceeds to its junior scholarship fund.

Players or family have access to any photos taken of them by professional photo services but other registered users and the general public do not have access.

The site began covering players in North Carolina in mid-April and now has expanded to include all of USTA Southern. Plans are to begin integrating three other USTA sections this summer.

Jonathan Fralick, founding partner who is responsible for national sales and marketing, simply stated the goal of the site: “We want everyone in the country who plays junior tennis to join the site.”




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